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The psychology of selling🧠

Sales, the action part of the revenue cycle. It's the stage where the company or salesman negotiates with the customer to make a product sale. The revenue defines where the company stands in the market, more than just making the sale it's about the customer psychology as well. Convincing the customers to buy your product when several other brands are trying to sell their products as well.

Recently I read Brian Tracy’s book “Sales Success” Which explains all the core effective things which are required to be a great salesman. He also explains how you can convince your customers about how your product is the best of all. I loved how he explained these small details which helps you to make a better convincer and a person with charisma about the thing you talk about.

A Portuguese era hardware shop in Goa, Grandpa was very jolly☺️

He explains “Sales procedure is important because that’s where a customer likes your product and buys it so that you can make a revenue from your product. Your product should be your identity it should be something very personal to you. When something is this personal to you, you do your best to prevail it.”

He has a 3 step procedure for selling your product:

Examination, Diagnosis, and Prescription are just like medical treatment.

  1. Examination: Examining the prospect is where the salesperson should ask the right question about their product needs and expectations, when you know what the customer wants it becomes easier to show them their desired product.

  2. Diagnosis: After that you need to make them understand that they have a problem and your product is going to fix them. Until they get to know that your product is much more viable and an optimum solution to their problem, that’s when they will start trusting you and believing you.

  3. Prescription: The last step is where you make them understand that the product you have selected is the right one. You have to make them believe in you and use the trust factor. The bond should be like friends have between each other. That’s when they will start thinking that they are trusting the right fellow for their problems.

This 3 step procedure is easier to understand customer conversation, following the basic negotiation to turn the deal up.

Whenever you sell your product to a customer, you need to consider these things which helps in taking the prospect into confidence about your service and product.

  • Knowing your USP (Unique selling point) is equally important. Many times the salesperson doesn’t know what’s their unique selling point, for what they are famous for. It can be done via feedback from your customers. As the author suggests directly ask your customers why they choose you over other brands. It can be anything like providing cheaper deals or varying in colour.

  • With that, you also need to keep an eye on your rivals as well you need to know why they are growing and why you aren’t. You need to know why people are considering them as their viable trustworthy product over yours. Once you figure out the why, that will make it easier for you to change your product specification so that you can beat your rivals.

  • If you be a good listener and ask prospects the right question then there’s a huge chance that people will reciprocate by helping you with the sale of your product. That’s how it is. If you know how being good can benefit people, they will follow it too and do the right thing.

Advertising your product to the market and making people understand the product features should be done in such a way that you’re all over their minds.

Word-of-mouth advertising is the best way of advertising. A happy customer can tell a lot about your product. The way they describe your product or service is the best indication that they loved your product and after-sales service. Also, ask your customer how you can improve your customer service or what things they don’t like. An effective sales and service strategy can get you, lifetime customers.

Another thing that Brian mentions is when a particular product is around your close people there’s a higher probability of you buying that product. That’s because your mind is been influenced by product usage and how people’s life has changed by using the product, you also want to be a tribe member so you too buy the product.

People don’t care about the efforts they care about the results. Take the help of your successful and happy customers of yours, who liked your projects. If they liked your product then showcase it to the new ones so that they have their mind fixated that they are too going to like the product. After all, stories keep people hooked.

I like supermarkets and the role they play in our human mindset wherein they hack our minds to buy more. Supermarkets don’t have a clock, so you lose track of your time and get engrossed in buying stuff that you don’t want. They will confuse you with discounted schemes and various buying ranges so that you spend more time thinking about what to buy, likewise, you mooch around all the sections. Also, if you notice most supermarkets have their grocery section at the end of the store away from the entry gate. It’s because maximum people enter supermarkets for groceries and that’s the basic need of anyone other than a specific section like stationary which limits the age group. People watch out for other sections until they reach the grocery.

I found this book pretty much interesting. More of that I learned how our brain functions towards advertising and sales, which affects your buying choices. Hope you enjoyed this post and if you did then please leave a like on it. Definitely, I would recommend this book, it is effective and practical.

Cheers ✌️


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