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How a research project changed my mindset about brands.

Neuromarketing”, yeah that was the topic of my 3rd year research project. Barely people knew about it. Whenever I would say that name people would get a puzzled up look on their faces. As weird as it sounds it more simpler than that. An amalgamation of neuroscience 🧠 with marketing. It is the technique of using psychological cues to attract customers towards the product especially by scientifically monitoring brainwave activity, eye tracking, and skin response. Ok, wait I’ll simplify that for you as well 😅. Basically when brands influence their products on the minds of the customer without actively advertising or marketing their product 🧐. That means you don’t even know that your decisions are influenced by their brand marketing. It works subconsciously and leaves no trace until you dig a pothole to know the reasons behind its beautiful packaging, pricing, and product placement.

A product has two sides the front side and the back side. The front contains taglines and beautiful color-coded text which showcases all the images that the product is made up of, the images are not camera-clicked but instead are graphically made. So that they would look more appealing and attractive to the customers. Meanwhile, the back side contains the actual reality of the product’s contents, nutritional factors, allergen ingredients, expiry date, and price. An Indian influencer named Revant Himatsingka started the #labelpadhegaindia to create awareness about the harmful ingredients brands use in their products 😷. Packaging images can communicate messages about the appearance and can create a sense of illusion in the minds of buyers.

The quality and the material used for packaging can also impact the customer’s ideology about the product. If a product has a smooth finish or a matt textured packaging is associated with a healthy and premium feel. Maybe the ingredients used might not be premium enough but the packet speaks for itself when it has a glossy finish which doesn’t give you the plasticky feel when you touch. According to research if a product package makes noise when handled customers eventually assume it is a cheaper product.

If you think neuromarketing is only followed regarding product then you’re wrong. Let's talk about the retail store outlet 🏬. Have you noticed how famous brands are always placed at eye level 👀 of the racks in supermarkets i.e. somewhere between 4ft to 5 ft8 inches this gives them an advantage to be in consumer’s eyes no matter the brand value. Brands pay supermarket companies huge loads of money to place them at eye level where they can be spotted easily. Also, the store outlet is designed in such a way so that the customers will even go through the products which they don’t even need. For eg. in some stores the grocery section is at the end of the store and customers have to walk down every aisle of the store before reaching the grocery section. Also, relatable products are placed on adjacent racks and aisles. Instant noodles are kept beside instant soups, cup noodles, and ketchup.

Pricing schemes like left digit biased eg. 99rs, 999rs create an around 18% hike in sales. Schemes like Buy One Get One {BOGO} excite the customers to buy more items in bulk form 🤩. All these techniques sometimes go unnoticed by us but they do affect our buying decisions. As well as they influence our minds about the brand’s image. Thanks to these psychological cues brands are now advertising their products without spending heavy amounts on advertisements and marketing.

I want to share my research project here so that people would know about the marketing techniques also I want to put forward the long-form info that I’ve collected from several sources 🥸.

RESEARCH PROJECT- Neuromarketing 2024
Download PDF • 1.80MB

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