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You need to find your niche.

Four years ago, I started with the simple motive of posting book reviews and blog posts. At the time, I had no clear vision for the type of content I would create 😶‍🌫️. I just knew I wanted to own something online, whether it was a YouTube channel or a website. I didn't have the courage to start a YouTube channel then 😬, but I was inspired by Ali Abdaal’s YouTube channel, where he talked about having a platform to share your views online. Writing was a natural knack for me, and I enjoyed the creative writing sections during my school days, often scoring high marks. So, I decided to start a website to post random blogs about what I watched and read online.

My first blogs were about productivity because I was struggling with it during the pandemic. Watching Ali’s productivity videos gave me ideas to post online. I used to post blogs once or twice a week, depending on how much time I could squeeze out of my day. Honestly, I wasn't just sharing my thoughts on productivity; I was also trying out all the productivity methods myself. I had maximized my productivity during that time.

Quora is also a great medium to share your experiences. I used to write about my life happenings and situations there. It's a great platform to share your ideas. What I'm trying to convey between the lines is that you should find a hobby to express yourself. Since childhood, you've probably been told that a hobby is something you do in your free time. I think a hobby is something that relieves you from your daily mundane routine and gives you a sense of exploration. A hobby isn't just a free time activity; it can also benefit your career in the long run, like a side hustle. Even with my website, I kept posting content, and even on days when I didn't know what to write, I kept the spark alive✨. It eventually got better and better. Also, having an extracurricular activity like this looks good on my resume, defining and differentiating me from others. Writing posts online created an online presence for me.

Even if it was a smaller audience, I kept writing. Still, it's a smaller audience, but my motive to write is to feel the moment and express my inner self. No matter how small the reader audience is, keep going for yourself. Do things for yourself and not to glorify them to others. Let people learn about it from sources rather than you advertising it to everyone. Nobody wants to hear what you like to say to them; everybody wants to hear what they like🥸. Many people have created a side income from their hobbies, and once they start earning more than their main income, they drop their jobs and go full-time on their hobbies. Honestly, I want to follow the same path.

Many people struggle to identify their talents. I know this is clichéd advice, but once you find your talent, try to hone it and be the best at it. Those who choose fields in which they are naturally good are likely to become successful quickly. Nowadays, scrolling through our phones has become a hobby for everyone. People love to scroll through social media in their free time. I do too, but how did we end up here? With high-speed internet access to literally anything at a click, humans have become lazy, and our dopamine levels have spiked dramatically📈. Consider having dessert after eating something spicy or bitter. It feels good and balanced, right🤩? But now, imagine eating just dessert and all sugary delicacies. Initially, you might feel good, but once you become familiar with the taste, it won't give you the same happiness😒; it will become normal.

The key takeaway from this post is to understand why you should be busy with something you love during your free time. I hope you found this blog useful. If you enjoyed this post, please leave a like and subscribe to our mailing list below.

Cheers ✌️


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