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Author- Austin Kleon

  • Understanding the meaning of the book This book written by Austin Kleon defines the 10 key factors through which you can share your work and get discovered. This book is highly recommended to artists and writers who want to exceed into their career and make the most of their life. The book contains 10 effective ways but I am sharing 5 ways with you the other 5 you will find it in the book 😉.

  • You don't have to be a genius Great models are often created by creative individual's like thinkers, curators, artist etc. Creativity is always in a some sense of collaboration like watching other creative artist learning from them and stealing from them. All of the people from amateur to curator has the ability to contribute something. Amateur have chances to lose, they take risks do experiments. Be the amateur. In a beginner's mind their are more possibilities, in an expert's mind their are few. Amateur are not afraid to make mistakes in public. The real gap is between contributing something and contributing nothing and amateur's now it the best. "Even a stupid act is still an act". Amateurs can be failures but they are learner's. They are regular people who spend thinking more about it. Always keep up the amateur spirit and keep learning and keep up your mind open. Amateurs can get something out of the tools even if they are given the cheapest. Be an amateur look for the people who are sharing and then figure out the things that they aren't sharing. Share what you love and, people of the same interests will find you. Keep your amateurism under your sleeve.

  • Think process not product For viewers what matters the most is the product but for a creator what matters the most is the process because a creator shape the artwork. Human beings are interested in other human beings and what they do. People want to know the process behind the product. When you put out the things you do consistently it allows the audience to create a bond with you. Audience does not always want to be the part of the product but they too want to be the part of the creative process. By letting go of our egos we can let people know about the process that makes us move more of our product. People are interested in the art what you do but only when you represent it in a particular way. Scoop up the scraps of your process and then become the documentarian of what you do, journal your stuffs or record them in an audio recorder. When you keep a track of the things going on around you feel like you are making progress. When you are ready to share you will have a huge material to share from.

  • Share something small everyday

Overnight success is a myth you need to be consistent regarding your work. Focus on the days and share something everyday. You can write about your work, you can even show the scraps of your work or the thing you learnt today. Daily dispatch is better than a resumé it shows you what you are doing right now. Share your daily updates on social media sites. That way you will connect through people who are really interested in what you are doing. 90% of the thing you do is crap but it's difficult to find what is important and what isn't. You need to find the small gaps between the work you do. You need to take advantages of it and make time for the things that you love. Don't over share the things you are doing. Once the stuff is on the internet you won't be able to take it down. Internet just makes a copy of the things you do. Ask yourself "is it helpful, is it meaningful is it gonna bother my teachers or parents when they see it" and then share the work. Small things compound in the long term. Once you take those tiny advices or those tweets you can make a topic for your video or a blog post. Don't treat your website as a self promotion machine but instead treat it as an invention machine.

  • Tell good stories Stories are so important driver of emotional values that they can reflect on any subjective value objectively. Human beings are interested in knowing behind the art. They always are curious about the things behind your art. Humans wants to connect, and personal stories can make complex more tangible. You are always telling a story about your work. Every email every text that you send creates a story of what you are doing. You need to become a better story teller. The most important part of a story is it's structure most of our work is messy and untidy or even illogical. The story has three parts the start the middle and the end. So basic plot of all stories is this a, "character wants something goes after it and face opposition perhaps including his own doubts and arrives at an outcome of win lose or draw". This idea initiates to all sorts of idea. The presentations of your story should be the past, the present and the future or how you are going. Always keep the audience in the mind and speak to them in simple language, value their time be brief, learn to speak and write. You need to explain your story in such a way that a kid from the kindergarten or even a old person can understand.

  • Teach what you know

Tell the world how you operate and think about what you can share from your process. When you learn something turn around and teach it to someone. Make people better at something they want to be better at. Make a step by step tutorial of what you learnt and show it to the people. When you teach what you know you generate more interest in your work. It adds value to what you do. People also feel closer to you as you share with them what you know.

  • Conclusion So this book is all about how you can put your work out in the world and get discovered by your art. It is a must read for an artist or even an individual who is trying to figure out the whole concept of creativity. If you enjoyed this book notes then plz share and also subscribe to our mailing list below. Cheers ✌️


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