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The Magic of Believing

By Claude Bristol

Type- Self help and motivational

  • Understanding the meaning of the book

Its's an awesome book for the students as well as the ones who have dreams and need direction to follow the path towards success.

This book is all inclusive gist of the mind techniques to follow your own passion with full self confidence and with the help of your minds power the power of belief.


  • Some important terms about the human mind

As described in the book your mind is consider as a room with a single door with you having the only key of the door whether you are dominated by positive thoughts or negative thoughts which you will admit inside your mind.

The author also says that "repetition of negative thoughts will discourage even the most powerful if continued long enough, and unless your mind is closed against them and you counteract them by constantly thinking and radiating positive thoughts".

If you you want to bring into reality the picture of your mind then hold that picture in your mind.

  • Techniques to train your mind to make things possible

  • The mumbo jumbo method

Have a picture in your mind of your goal and keep telling yourself repeating again and again that you are gonna do it. Literally keep on telling yourself that what you think is possible and have positive mindset.

  • The card method

Take 5 to 6 cards made up of cardboard and write down your goal on them.

Tie a string to the cards and hang those cards near your bed, on the mirror, near your study table or anywhere where you usually spend most of your time so that the goal would be fix in your mind, you will never forget about your goal and will work accordingly.

  • Mirror technique

Stand in front of a full length mirror fully with an erected spine, chest out and head up with feet together. Take three to four deep breaths and see in the depth of your eyes and tell yourself you are gonna get what you want speak up loud so you can see your lips moving. practice it daily at least twice a day to make a habit. "Remember that your awn gradation or position in life is marked by what you carry in your eyes. So develop eyes that bespeak confidence, the mirror will help you".

  • Conclusion

In short the book speaks about the various methods of training your mind to make your dreams come true. In these methods the most important is the belief on your mind so that you would achieve your goals and retain the aspects in your mind.


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