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7 lessons from my first job

College life felt more like a stressful thing because of assignments and exams until you start working to earn your day. Once money gets involved in the picture it becomes really difficult to not give reasons to wake up every day and go to work. But the transition from college to work is basically the introspective insight that makes it difficult to settle in with the work life. The first few weeks are just figuring out how to manage everything, how to find free time, and how to find work-life balance. These are the 7 things I learnt from my first internship :)

  • It becomes difficult to match the energy of your co-workers and also to keep in touch with your loved ones. You might suffer socially as well. You might feel the whole world is just moving ahead except you, getting stuck in a routine passing by the same road every time to work, doing the same repetitive tasks every day. Everything becomes hectic, and if you have to travel after work to your home then it's going to be another struggle.

  • The first thing I learned once I started my internship was, there are some ethics and rules which the organization follows and you have to take your time and be familiar with the rules and their workings. People at work might make you feel intimidated and you kind of find yourself in a position where your colleagues are talking about your new role behind you. But if you find a great staff it's much more sorted.

  • Here’s a thing I noticed. If the job is high paying and if the staff isn’t that great, they don’t cooperate with you, they don’t help you and support you, and you don’t feel like working. I would rather have a low-paying job and have good people around me, at least I will have some motive to work.

  • This internship made me realize how hard our parents work just to bring food to the table and to make the whole family smile. I truly value their efforts and also I value the smallest job any worker does.

  • Another thing that I learned later was no matter how jolly it looks on the outside, there are going to office internal politics playing out, but if you have a highly supportive staff who are cooperative and friendly, your working environment is going to be really positive, plus you will feel like working despite of the overtime.

  • Before you join a company please know about the company’s background like department heads, managers, owners, CEO, and stuff coz many times employees don’t know whom they are actually working for or who is taking the big decisions. It's better to know what you’re signing up for and for whom you’re signing up to work. Our HR had a lot of questions for us on the foundation day and I didn’t know the intricate subjects of the company’s department. So that’s a thing which I will remember a lot if I join a new company.

  • You will get to enjoy your day and keep going. There are going to be days where you don’t feel like working, you don’t feel like waking up for work, feeling stressed due to workload. There are going to be times when you might hurt your loved ones due to work-related stress. For that, you need to know “Not every day is good but you have to find something good in every day to keep you moving”.

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Cheers ✌️


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