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Why do you need a mentor?

We all have heard people saying we should run for our success and do substantial hard work to improve ourselves. But nobody is talking about “who is going to help you to find the right path so that you can kickstart your journey of success. Even if you, paved a path for yourself how long you should go to take a turn or do you think you should be going that far to achieve what is needed? Also, there should be someone who can pat your back and say, you did well.

So I was looking back towards my 3 years in college I was not able to find something substantial that could you know add to my skillset or values. So I settled on social skills and the ability to present my ideas in front of a group. I barely had the confidence to put my words out in front of everyone. Always had the spotlight effect and the fear of being judged😶‍🌫️. I was afraid here as well. But what drove me to speak up was fear. “If you don’t speak up for yourself someone else will speak for themselves and grab the opportunity”. If you don’t speak you will not get a job that was the constant concern in my mind. So I played my cards and developed that skill🧐. But many times I didn’t receive what I wanted even after all the hard work. There were times when I felt maybe this wasn’t for me or I was not a capable person.

But, sometimes you are digging in the wrong mine. An expert can guide you when and where you should take your chances to dig a hole to hit the gold🪙. Having an expert mentor by your side is helpful when you aren’t able to figure out what you should do even after trying all your best shots. In a football game, a coach prepares a strategy so that the players can follow it and with a team effort score goals to win. A mentor will motivate you during times of low and suggest a better plan of action in case you’re going haywire.

Finding a mentor is difficult. Everyone around you will give you suggestions about what you should do. But nobody points out what and why something is wrong with you. Someone who listens to you weighs your strengths and weaknesses looks at the opportunities and threats to give you the right direction to lead in. A mentor should not badger you with everything sometimes you need to figure out things on your own. Meeting the right person at the right time can change the direction of your life.

Bill Gates never thought that he would be friends with Warren Buffett but somehow they met and to this date, Bill admires him because of all the values Warren has given him about investing. On the other hand, Warren also asked him several questions about software and increased his knowledge about computers. Warren even donated several huge amounts to the Gates Foundation because he saw how it was impacting the lives of people on a good note. Bill says that meeting Warren widened his spectrum of knowledge. They also hang out and play bridge. And more than a mentor Bill thinks of him as a good friend who he bonds with.

A mentor not only uplifts you professionally but also personally. Looking at someone can give you a source of inspiration and a guideline to follow in your own life so that you know what you exactly have to do.

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