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A message to my 15 year old self

Recently I turned 18. Now I am in my late teens and I feel like teenage is that particular time when we make the most mistakes because we experience all the emotions fastidiously. We are very much naïve at that time and we make wrong decisions because of the feeling which we get when we experience something new in our life. So this blog is about me giving a bit of advice or some type of message to my 15-year-old self where I have and I am learning from my mistakes which I made in my early teens. If you are in your teens and if you think you are going wrong somewhere maybe these points might help you in your life. Or even if you are someone who is going through some self-development thing this might be helpful to you. So these are the bits of advice which I would give to my 15-year-old self. [The photo above is from my school farewell. Me in the left with my two classmates.]

  • Don't waste time

"Time is what we have the most but we use the worst". Everyone is miserable with their time management in their teens or even in their 20's and I regret not using my time properly. I was a procrastinator as well as a guy who did nothing other than things that grabbed people's attention. I don't know this was some kind of a notion that followed me because of the group I was in. This advice will be my all-time favourite even I need this right now. Sometimes we over procrastinate or we aren't serious about getting things done. So this advice will follow throughout life. The worst thing I used to do was postponing my tasks which used to lead to a lot of things undone and I had to thrive at the end moment. So the thing I changed in the last 1 or 2 years is by putting constant effort into whatever I have to do in the long term whether it's getting good grades or even setting out with some different hobby in which I wanted to specialize.

  • Explore more

This advice sticks with every teenager. Explore more things, do things which you find interesting, or do the things which you think can add up to your value. Keep learning constantly even if it is not related to your actual field just do it because no one knows what will work in the future. Explore more hobbies, try the things which you never learned like coding, cryptography, different languages or anything which seems interesting to you just do it because homework and studies are the things which are always gonna make you bore and feel trapped. Once when you try these different skills you can bounce to another when you get bored from one. That's an interesting thing because you don't feel that you are abandoned with just one thing and also it makes you feel more knowledgeable I mean not really but it just the ego which strikes in. Shave off the ego and just grab the knowledge you are getting. Another most important thing is that the internet is the stream of knowledge use it for that purpose because it has all the solutions to the problems. Don't just use the internet for entertainment purposes. Explore a new skill master it and become a prodigy and engage others in it.

  • Choose the right group

Get into the right person. There is some kind of quote I had heard which said: "show me your friends and I will tell your future". The group in which you mingle makes your personality like them. When you get into a group you engage with them because you share the same thoughts, you share all the things with them including notes and habits. People lose their own identity when they get into a group that doesn't match their thinking. Change is possible. Only when you have the right thinking so for that you need to dwell with people who have same or better thinking as yours. Because people can change your mind. So if you are in the wrong groups your thoughts and your character will go down. But if you are with the right people you will have the right motive to live. It's not like you should not talk or have any kind of interaction with the people from the wrong group but don't get consumed by their thoughts and detach from the excessively toxic people. Also, there is no need to have a ton of friends 2 or 3 genuine friends are enough to make social life. Social life isn't the way it is shown in TV shows it's fake. So don't believe in it. Make genuine friends and when have them improve your bonding's by spending time with them or even share thoughts with them.

  • Don't seek attention

People like and want attention every moment. We even do certain things which we are not really into it but we do just for the sake of someone noticing us. That's fine it's like the Natural Human Tendency to do all these things. As Chris Bailey, the author of Hyperfocus says "Attention is finite and is the most valuable ingredient you have to live a good life". What we pay attention to is what we become. That's another thing. But what I want to say is don't do all the things so that everyone would notice you. Sometimes be yourself. You can't be yourself every time because we pick up the traits of a person with whom we are or even from what we consume through various media. But yes whenever possible just be yourself and stay calm no need to do something weird so that people will take you seriously. You can influence people with your perspectives and that's possible you only have to wait for the perfect time. Things might no go the way you expect but resonate with your actual character and make the moves that will make your character more sparkle so that you don't need to do the things which others find cool.

  • Self-help is the best help

This is the most important thing we are going to face when we leave school and explore college life. We will not be able to be in contact with all the people from our school. That's inevitable and always going to happen. People you used to consider as your friends might not even turn out when you might need them. Maybe they might for some people. Or maybe I wasn't from those people who were able to keep in contact with their friends. It's not like people get dispersed but the way we choose does. Don't feel sorry if you were not able to keep up with the people or don't find yourself helpless if theirs no one to help you. I was one of them. If you feel like it remember this quote "No one is going to help you physically, mentally, spiritually, or emotionally you have to help yourself" accept it and just get through it. Grow through whatever you go through. Even if the times are tough just keep moving theirs a lot to explore and theirs a lot to come so make sure you make it through all of it.

So yes these are the pieces of advice I would give my 15-year-old self or to any early teenager. If you have any kind of experiences or some other things you want to share with us feel free to express yourself in the comment section. If you enjoyed this post then subscribe to our mailing list below.

Cheers ✌️


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