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A message to my 15 year old self.

When I was in school I made a lot of mistakes which I guess everyone makes at this age and I think making mistakes at an early age is even necessary because mistakes teach us how to live life. Childhood is a time when we don't know what's wrong and right we experience and learn. This is a list of mistakes I did in my teens.

  • Stop worrying what other's will think about you.

In our childhood, we give a lot of importance to other's opinions rather than giving importance to what we feel. It's fine to think about these things but we should not overthink a situation which we always do. Before taking a decision or while doing something new we always think about what the others will think and then usually drop the idea. During my school time, I got various opportunities to try some new things outside studies but I never did because of the fear of failure and thinking like what my friends will say if a fat boy like me tried to dance or a sport. This fear also reduced my confidence and increased my stage fear and made me an antisocial person. The main reason I was unable to interact with new people was this. That's why whenever I feel scared before doing something I just keep my mind blank and do that thing in an instant without much delay because the more time you will take, the more you will think and your fear will become bigger. If you face stage fear I have written about it in this blog, you can read it if you want. [Me in the right with the shades on our school trip😎]

  • Don't be an attention seeker. Attention is something everyone likes, we all want respect and validation from others. People do anything to impress others or to increase their social status. In school, everyone wants respect from their friends and classmates and we do anything needed for that. I would say don't try to be like someone else like don't try to be cool or funny to impress someone just be yourself because no one is interested how you are, as everyone is busy in their own lives. Trying to grab attention or trying to be cool won't help because no one is permanent in your life one day some people won't be part of your life and we can't waste our life imitating in front of everyone we meet. I used to study to get good marks because I felt it will increase my social status and my friends will respect me but now after school those marks don't matter much and those friends and classmates are no longer in touch with me.

  • Interact with others and learn from them

We say humans are social animals but some people don't like to make new friends or talk to new people. I was also an introvert and rarely used to speak to new people. Interaction with people helps a lot first you can learn many things from that person itself and it will also improve your communication skills. I think my big mistake in school was not being a social kid because knowing other people talking to them helps you know how the person is and it can help you find good friends because our company our friends have a big influence on our life and it's really important to have the right company. If you have good friends they can influence you into becoming a better person. Talking to people helps you learn many things, when I was in 10th grade I had a classmate who was very mischievous, bad at studies, and according to me this was the definition of a bad company but he was not a bad kid which I discovered after talking to him. I think interaction with people can teach us many things.

  • Try to acquire knowledge rather than marks.

Our education system and our society teach us that acquiring marks is the most important thing. Even our education system is structured in such a way where getting good marks is very important because if you will get nice marks you will get a reputed college and somewhat better education. But what we miss in the process is real knowledge and we just run behind marks. From an early age, we are taught to memorize a lot and no one teaches us to question. Memorizing our syllabus kills our thinking and creativity and in the end, we forget everything we learned. In the Indian education system, it has been like this for years, no one is given real practical knowledge and young students don't even understand whether memorizing is good or bad. At that age, we are only told that we have to get marks to become successful and we are sent into the rat race with everyone else. I studied only for marks because becoming a topper used to give you respect and attention from my friends, classmates, and the whole society. I think the reason why people hate studies so much after the 10th is because we never studied enjoying the process rather we study taking a burden about our future life.

  • Learn new things. At school most of the students study a lot because from our early childhood itself we are taught that studies are the most important thing in your life if you will not study you will become an unsuccessful person. I was bad at both sports and culture because I never tried these things in my primary school. I can still recollect when I was in 4th grade I finally decided to join cricket coaching and my parents said it's too early to learn cricket and even I agreed because I was a kid and kids mostly rely on others decisions and never think on their own and even I was the same. Then a year later when I started gaining weight I again decided now I will join gymnastics in school and my parents agreed and again one of my relatives said it's too late to learn gymnastics and again I agreed and after that, I never learned anything new because I always felt I am quite late to try this. So the two most important lessons I would like to tell my 15-year-old would be Just hear what the others say but listen to yourself and of course, IT'S NEVER TOO LATE.

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