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A Poppin Lesson.

My mom has always been my first advisor and teacher no matter what I share all my problems and happy moments with her. She has been my guiding lamp always. Today even if I’m not financially independent I’m aware of the sacrifices my parents make just so that I would be able to have all the things I want. I’m grateful to have them in my life 😇. But there’s a lesson I still remember my mom taught me when I was 9yrs old I guess 🤔.

So I had this piggy bank that was a bit heavier so I opened it up to count all the coins. My mom saw me doing it I counted all the money and kept it again inside the piggy bank again. But I took 10rs and bought Poppins (flavoured candies) with that money. I was sitting with my friends with the candies in my hand and mom was leaving for the office at that time. She saw me having candies and questioned me how did I get that? I said I bought it with my money. Mom asked me “Did you ask me before borrowing it?” I didn’t because I thought it was my money coz it came from my piggy bank. Mom was very frustrated with this act she avoided talking with me for a day. And as a child, I kept convincing my mom that I won’t repeat that act again. My mom finally broke her silence. “Whenever you take money at least have some courtesy to inform them if you don’t it's not borrowing its theft.” After all, it wasn’t my money it was the money my parents gave me. Mom was right, I should have informed her before taking the money. It's not like she would have stopped me from buying anything but the thing that I just took the money without informing my parents pissed her off obviously I was a naïve child and that lesson was much needed.

Me and mom twinning during Ganesh chaturthi celebration🥰

Now when I live away from home I maintain an Excel sheet of whatever expense I make and mail it to my parents so that they would know what I am spending. Though they never check it also they tell me not to send it but its a fact that you need to inform the person from where you take the money and also its really necessary to track your expenses as well, that just helps you to make better financial decisions. Hope you found this post useful and worthwhile consider liking it and also subscribe to our mailing list below.

Cheers ✌️.


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