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Achieving a clearer mindset with journaling

Keeping your mind empty without any thoughts or even thinking clear to make the right decisions feel tough sometimes. Your mind is constantly running and flashing some events in front of you even if you don't want to be distracted from your work. Most of these events are just the future happenings that you think are going to happen. Even we sometimes ruminate in our past that just makes us feel annoyed with ourselves as we are unable to focus on the actual task. So how we can make the process of mindfulness better, other than just practicing meditation. That's where journaling or dumping your thoughts comes into the picture.

  • Another mindful habit.

Journaling makes you feel like you have just dumped your 10001 thoughts 😅. Especially when you are doing something which requires focus you need to get rid of the empty thoughts. Also, it enhances your mood after all it's another mindful habit. But the best thing about journaling is nobody is going to judge you on what you write or why you feel like it because nobody is going to read it until someone really picks it up. When you just write down your thoughts throughout the day about the positive moment of the day or some story-worthy moment of the day or even writing some basic being grateful words makes your mood lighter and also it helps you to remember the moments from the whole day just in case if you had forgotten about the experience you had earlier.

  • Tracking your way

We, humans, get roughly 70,000 thoughts each day. So if you are getting this many amounts of things every time you will be distracted for the whole day. If you want to get rid of these too many bustling thoughts seek journaling or just write the things which you have to do later that day because the human mind is designed to get ideas and not to store them. So if something flashes in front of you like "getting a loaf of bread from the supermarket" then just write it down in a book or even in a note-taking app. Thomas Frank writes his thoughts down in a physical notebook whenever he is doing some focused work so that he doesn't seep into the thought again. I liked this approach because doing so, makes you feel like you have got rid of the thought for the time being. Because when you have something obnoxious or signally thing in your mind you keep on hovering over it because our mind loves to switch things. When it feels bored at something it instantly switches tracks and pulls you towards it. So instead of making your way out of the distractions we just note down the distractions so that you don't feel the magnetic pull towards the thoughts.

  • Press pause

Imagine having a bad day at your work or even at your college and you return home in a bad mood and just shout at others and you went to bed the same way. You are going to face the same kind of anger or displease the next day also because the emotion with what you go to bed with is a probability to wake up with the same one. So instead fix the mood before the bed itself. Write your thoughts down in your journal or type your daily reflection in your note-taking app. This might make you feel better. One more thing why you should journal is because you don't expect any queries or complaints from that lifeless journal it's only listening to your thoughts without being judgmental about you. So if you spill out your thoughts to a person you might receive some kind of response that might not make you feel better but the journal will only listen to your own thinking and nothing else. Some people even write down the situations where they felt annoyed and just tear that page into pieces so that they feel a little bit of relief. Journaling gives you the chance to get your thoughts out and press pause and reflect on the situation.

  • How to start journaling? Alright if you have made a mind to note down your thoughts and start a daily habit of journaling then you can start with a pen and a basic journal or you can even try out some digital version of journaling. I use Notion the note-taking app where you get a template regarding daily reflections which you can try. I used to try this when I started journaling.

But now I just note down my thoughts randomly on a blank page in the daily reflections template it just gives me the freedom of writing anything I want. So you can try another option you just need to find out which one is the best for you.

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Cheers ✌️


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