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Adulting is fun until…

Last month I turned 20, realizing that I have spent 2 decades now I felt old. More than being old I have reached the 20s race, where the goal is to become independent. There’s a sudden sense of responsibility that you get when you think about your college graduation. Getting a job, starting my own business, and being financially stable make me feel that I’ve grown up now and am not a kid anymore.

Genuinely when I was in school parents would say its the golden time and I would think oh really then why I can enjoy it? Now I think yes they were right it was the golden time. After that, everything goes downhill because of the weightage of all the responsibilities you receive from everyone around you. It feels like all the burden has been levied upon you suddenly 😢. The burden of achieving good marks to secure a good college, and competing in entrance exam tests. Once you get into a college making through the exams and securing a good score, so that a company could hire you, this becomes the mindset as soon as you exit school life.

Friends become family😇

If you move out of your hometown for education or a job it becomes much more difficult to be stable emotionally and financially as well. Keeping up with your expenses so that you save until you get your next salary, investing for the future, and also doing all the nominal and menial tasks which suck all your energy and time. It becomes tough to keep in contact with your friends and family. Forgetting your “me time”. Cooking for yourself, tracking your expenses, supermarket shopping, cleaning your house making your bed, arranging your clothes and stuff, all these things seem new to you, because you have never done these things but just seen your mom do 😶.

Me and my roomies☺️

I left my hometown for college and once I started living on my own that’s when I knew how it was to be independent. In school, I felt like “I just need to get out of this city and shift somewhere else, where I have my own rules”. But believe me, you might not enjoy your rule book once you start living on your own. For the first week of living on my own it was like no boundaries 🥳, I can do what I feel like, but after a week I realized maybe it's not very good enough as compared to having your people around you 🥺. You will miss your tribe, your house, and that corner where you would just lay and feel comfortable enough.

Us trying to make an impact in exams even with no electricity🤣🤣

Adulting is difficult because of the responsibilities and the will to survive 😮‍💨. Since childhood, we have this dependability on our things our parents, friends, or a social group. But adulting makes you prone to these things making you capable to do it by yourself. Being mentally, emotionally, and financially independent isn’t taught in any school or college, these things are meant to be figured out on your own 🧐.

Searching for meaning, being success-oriented and financial stability are the core values that you explore during adulting. It is that phase you might feel you’re alone. So I have an instance regarding that. When I moved out of town for college and the first time I fell sick 🤒 I missed the warmth and care of my mother. It was at that moment I felt adulting has its price which you understand once you face it.

Adulting is just a phase of our life, living through it might teach us a valuable lesson. Trying to live and learn through it every day. If you enjoyed this post then leave a like on it and subscribe to our mailing list below.

Cheers ✌️


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