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Are audiobooks worth it?

One of the best ways to absorb the books is listening to audiobooks. They are another form of gaining knowledge other than just reading a physical book. Today we are going to look at some of the key factors of “Audible” and also whether audiobooks are worth spending money on?

  • Multi-tasking

Well, people claim that they listen to audiobooks when they are doing some other work. I mean they are just multi-tasking. They are running over from one task to other as they have to give attention to both the task in hand and the book they are listening to. But if you ask me, I would not suggest you doing things like that because it just reduces your mental ability to focus as you keep switching on and off from one task to the other. You cannot listen to a book where there is some thriller scene going on or the narrator is explaining some important factor from the book and you are doing your daily chores. In that way, you are not going to remember the things the author wants to convey nor you are going to enjoy the moments as you might miss some of the parts. I think it is not meant to multi-task. I would listen to my audiobook when I am not doing anything other than just listening to it.

  • Absorbing the content.

The main reason to read a book is to absorb the content and just get immersed in it. When it comes to non-fictional self-help types of books you need to absorb the content as well as you have to implement in your own life that’s the most probable thing self-help books are made for. Audiobooks do a great job here by going through the content at a much faster speed, faster than your reading speed. It’s like someone explaining the concepts it is quite hectic to absorb things faster at that pace when you are not reading it physically. But when it comes to fictional books audible is easier and more profitable to use because it really makes your experience much better as it makes you feel that someone is telling you stories with their topmost expressions. Audiobooks help you to live that situation which the protagonist experience.

  • Pros of Audiobooks These are some of the advantages of audiobooks 1] You can listen at whatever speed you want. Reading is probably slower but listening is much faster. Another thing is you can go through the book in probably lesser time than the normal speed if you are listening to it at 2x or 2.5x speed. 2] Audible gives you a credit every month to grab one audiobook for free. Ya, it’s just included in the subscription itself. So, every month the payment process recurs and you get one credit in your Audible account so that you can purchase one audiobook for free. 3] It is kind of pocket-friendly because it is just the same amount as a basic Netflix subscription. Netflix subscription is probably less meaningful as compared to the audible subscription. So, you save some money on buying a physical copy if you purchase an audiobook with the credit because it will cost you only 199rs which is of the subscription and the credit will be available to you. 4] It is an amazing experience to hear the voice of a person who is reading you the book with some obvious effects and it gives the feel of grandma’s story ritual😀. You don’t have to take an effort to read the book.

  • Cons of Audiobooks As every coin has two sides. This one also has it. Here are some of the disadvantages of audiobooks. 1] It becomes really difficult to take notes when you are listening to a self-help book. Because every time you want to feel like taking some notes you might need to visit the audio, again and again, to actually jot down the perfect notes. That becomes a lot of a struggle and also it becomes really annoying to revisit the past 15s again. 2] Audiobooks are only efficient when you are buying them on credit which they offer every month so that you can get a free book. As the cost of an audiobook is certainly higher than the actual physical book. They have some charges which add up while you purchase. That means you can only listen to one audiobook for free in a month but after that, you are on your own and you will have to buy an audiobook until the next month arises and you get another credit. I do the same thing I just listen to one audiobook a month with the help of credit.

So, I think these were the pros and cons of listening to audiobooks. Let me tell you how I use “audible”. I have a basic plan of 199rs and I get one credit every month. I just purchase one audiobook a month with that credit so that it doesn’t cost me any extra money. I prefer listening to audiobooks at 2-2.5x speeds. I have been listening to audiobooks for 6 months now so I am comfortable with that speed. But if you are a rookie then start slow. Another thing is I prefer listening to auto-biographies or light non-fictional books. You can’t listen to heavy strategic books like “Thinking fast and slow” because they contain some experiments which need to be performed and other than that you cannot understand what the author is saying. [I have done the absolute worse by listening to the audio version of that book😑]. Other than that, Audible is a great and really helpful app regarding personal growth. Also, it is a much better way to grab the knowledge from the books. You can even try the fictional books there are loads of books on “Audible” so you can really experience the book by getting immersed in the audio version of a fictional book like “Sherlock Holmes”.

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