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Are our elders really wiser than us?

Context : When I say adults I mean Gen X(Boomers) and Baby Boomers.

"Are elders really wiser than us?", I had this question a few months back, and this is a question you might not ask your parents because they might say things like, "Don't try to act smart with me." or "What do you know about being an adult?". I can understand that the frustration behind this might be rational. I was really curious, why do our elders act like they know everything when they don't know EVERYTHING.

A few years ago I used to think that, elders are someone you can depend on or you can ask them anything until reality hit me. Not exaggerating but I have encountered a few incidents where one can conclude that adults aren't wiser than us, they just feel that because they were in a different era than us with different situations that they have the right to belittle us(Millennials and gen z). Adults always say things like, "You are always on your phone that's why you can't socialize like normal human beings". I mean Shut up boomer what do you know about things that are normal in this era. Older people try to act smug and say things that are prejudiced. Just cause you saw a person texting on their phone a few times means that they are addicted to technology and cant' spend a minute without them. Well, speak for yourself cause even you can't spend a day without a phone. Thus concluding that boomers or even baby boomers who spite us for using technology excessively are also addicted to it. You may ask "why do adults act like this?" and the answer is, change is hard to accept. As adults sometimes struggle with technology cause it's new to them, same ways in a span of 40 years, the same thing will happen with us because technology will be developed even more and it would be hard for us to adjust to it. I agree they have had quite a few experiences but they can't act like they are omniscient, cause nobody is or ever will be. But before giving advice especially career advice, just remember that the world is changing and degrees are losing their value before the pandemic people used to think that they have "secured their future" and boom Covid-19 hit and millions of people lost their jobs just like that. This tells that just having a degree is not the most important thing in today's world(if you want to get a degree go for it after all you do you), what matters the most is having a skill, and it can be anything from cooking to drawing to animating or even content writing.

A few years ago, like many people I use to think that how can a person make money online, there are many ways the most popular thing nowadays is YouTube. During the pandemic, there were so many YouTubers who popped up. People are now realizing that the internet is going to be a place to make money. Some people make more money doing stuff online than their actual job. Lesson learned don't act like you know everything and this applies to everybody. If you have made it to the end, then thanks. If you liked this blog you can subscribe to our mailing list below.


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