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Are we limitless?

Last week I was hanging around with a group of friends in the college cafeteria. We were then joined by a senior and we started talking about internships, job placements, and the hospitality industry. Then he asked whether we study for the exams or not. Everyone replied with their own studying status. When he asked me I replied to him “I am not a great student but my marks are average.” To which he replied, “if you already tag yourself as an average student how you are going to be the best at your game? Why you’re limiting yourself?”.

Well, that thing has been revolving in my mind since then. I don’t know whether I have been telling myself the lie that I’m an average student even if I have the ability to achieve more. The thing is we never know where we are limiting ourselves until someone else points it out to us. Another thing is we sometimes need to know what is the limit cause its better to leave things as they are instead of trying a zillion times which might not be worth your efforts. Like there’s some instance in your life where you need to understand it is taking a lot of your time so it is better to move on to a different thing. Giving up is not an option they say, but sometimes some things are just made to be given up on.

After my 10th grade, I wasn’t able to get admission to the college I wanted instead the alternative college I chose had a lesser fee structure also during the pandemic as colleges went online we saved up on my college fees as compared to the college I wanted. There’s always a bright side to every story, you just need to ignore the dark side and focus on the good one. That doesn’t mean you would ignore the problems deny your negatives but instead work on your positives more and mold them into your strength.

Now let’s also consider things that you shouldn’t be giving up on. Limiting yourself might be less valuable when you are capable to achieve more. The only way to know whether you are capable or not is to ask the question what value does this work add to my company, or is this work really worth your caliber? Mostly these things are only figured out when you repeat the same tasks again and again. After a few repetitions, you will be ready to understand whether you are capable of the next post or if you still need more work to be done. It’s not about getting promoted it's about whether you can handle the responsibility imbibed to that post.

No matter how much experience you gain there’s always a new day of learning. So I look at it as a new thingy that I didn’t work on. Hope I find much new such stuff where I roll my head around. If you enjoyed this post then leave a like on it and also subscribe to our mailing list below.

Cheers ✌️.


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