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Are you truthful?

We have a ton of conversations every day maybe sometimes not physically to a person but texts and phone calls count as a social interactions. We exchange ideas and narratives with a person but how many times you have been true. Answer this question “when was the last time you lied to someone?”. I’m not asking which was the biggest lie you told someone the last time. I am asking you a general small lie you told someone. Probably you might not even remember if you remember then it's great.

We have developed a mindset that no one’s ever taking our conversation certainly to be true or even others are paying attention. It’s kind of true but sometimes there are things that a listener might remember even if you don’t consider the word to be taken. So, if we summarize the answer to the question of why do we lie then it would be “to protect our self-image”. Most of the time we do things that don’t suit our self-image, we think that telling the truth might disrupt the belief a person has in you. Most of the time we keep thinking about the second and third-order consequences for a situation that makes us hazy, unable to think clearly. So to avoid the worst possible consequences we just lie to the person.

When I was a kid I always had a craving for junk food, well who doesn’t. I used to eat some junk from our school canteen almost every single day with my friends, who were also unhealthy eaters like me. I continued eating until one day I contracted jaundice. But after I was cured I started it again. Now if you ask me how is it related to being a liar. I never told my parents that I was having junk food now and then. Jaundice occurs due to contaminated water I know that. But my condition was different. I had a genetic disorder called Gilbert’s syndrome. For a person having Gilbert’s can’t eat too oily and spicy food. It causes acidity and slight jaundice. I kept eating junk food and I again contracted jaundice. That time we got to know that I have this disorder. Whenever mom used to ask me if I had something from the canteen I used to deny her to protect my self-image of being a healthy person 😬. Every lie I told just backfired me. From then I decided I should just stop being embarrassed about reality and just tell the truth. There were two reasons for the step which I took. 1. Being truthful builds a sense of truth between you and the listener because the more legit you sound the more they trust you. 2. I was just done puking again and again after getting jaundice 😅.

Research shows that most people report telling few or no lies on a given day. There is that kind of top 1 percent who are telling more than 15 lies per day. People are mostly honest, except for a few pathological liars. A study tracked people’s lying every day over three months. More than 630 participants were asked to keep a daily deception journal, yielding 116,336 lies.

The results showed about three-quarters of the study participants were consistently honest, telling between zero and two lies per day. By contrast, a small subset of people, about 6 percent averaged more than six lies per day and accounted for a sizable proportion of the lies. Seventy-five percent of people are, really, pretty honest. There are a few people who are super-honest. People also have good and bad lie days, when they tell more or fewer lies than is typical for them. People are mostly honest, and people mostly believe other people. Overall, the study concluded women were more honest than men. [Well don’t know where we men are lacking 😅]

No matter how bad the situation is and how bitter the truth spilling out the truth just makes me feel better. It’s just that kind of thing that makes your mind lightweight. If you enjoyed this blog then leave a like on it and also subscribe to our newsletter here.

Cheers ✌️


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