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Investments for beginners

Being a good investor is all about education. There are so many facets to investing, that one person or blog just doesn't have everything. In fact, you can spend years and years researching investing topics. In todays time there are many options related to investment i.e property, jewellery , bank & share market e.t.c. Many people mostly gets confused where exactly his investment would be safe and profitable. But till now mostly used medium by people for investment is "share market". One of a that can be said as an "Golden rule of investing" which is related to beginners which can help them during their investment . [Not to invest all of his saving or money at once as it is related to market up's and down's] Investment can result as profit or loss too. But the person who don't have much knowledge related to investment or a middle class person should use a safe website or app related to investment for safer side. There are many things a person should know before investing in any of the thing are as follows:

1)Draw a personal financial document .

2)You must be comfortable enough before taking risk of investment.

3)Before investing you must firstly save enough emergency fund.

4)You must consult or take suggestions from a person who has enough knowledge related to it.

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