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Be with the smokers.

After getting into college students get different vibes as they enter a new environment, getting surrounded by all types of people, the rush of different chemicals through the body. Things go wild during the teenage. We go through different experiences during that period and it's really difficult to be at peace. The problem isn’t the environment or anything else its actually the things which we experience the first time. It makes you feel astounded and special.

You will meet all types of people as you move along with your life and that will ensure a diversified life. Variety is really important though and I think that you should be living with all types of people because everyone has a story in themselves. People from different ethnicities, cultures, and thinking make a cult in the college which ensures that there is a mixed environment.

When I was a kid I always felt that people who smoke or drink are bad peeps and you shouldn’t be in their company. Well, that’s what elders used to say when you are naïve and don’t know how to make good decisions. The thing is it’s not the way that elders tell us. People have different ways of thinking as well as they have different ways of coping with problems. Judging people on their bad habits and neglecting their good qualities is always an unfair deal. If a person has 80% good qualities and 20% bad ones our mind is definitely gonna see the bad ones first rather than picking up the good ones. But it’s just the way how our mind works. Our mind is more negative bias. We think about the bad things first. But genuinely I would say being with different people has opened up my perspective about the human conscience. People are great. Only thing is you shouldn’t pick up the bad habits, even though if you stick with them too much then you are going to pick up. But, filter the bad ones and pick the good.

We need to stop judging people from their first perspective bias which is the negative insight. Though it's tough to reach that level. But 99% times people are good with you. Hope you have a great day. See you next week 😊. If you liked this post then subscribe to our mailing list below.

Cheers ✌️


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