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Being Productive #1

What is productivity?

This is our first blog regarding productivity. So what is actually productivity? Well the definition of productivity differs from person to person. According to me productivity means utilizing every moment of the day and also not wasting your time without compromising with your fun and happiness. People face difficulty when they come through getting things done , they don't realize that going through Instagram or Facebook last so much that they forget about their work and keep on scrolling through social media for long hours. So we are gonna help you out with this problems and this methods might help you for being productive.


The golden rule for getting things done

The first and most important rule for being productive is maintaining your own rules or making boundaries for your own routine. Routines are actually important. Most importantly when you sketch your day to day work you actually get an idea of what you are going to do in the whole day.

 "There are 86,000 seconds in one day the difference that makes between failure and success is what you do with those seconds"

After marking your boundaries i.e scheduling your day the only thing you need is discipline to follow the schedule. Discipline comes from within. You should have a self motivation about completing your tasks till the end of the day, after all execution is difficult than strategizing. Until and unless you don't have the drive to complete the work you are not gonna make a difference. Well talking about the golden rules these golden rules will be the foremost lead to complete your tasks. These golden rules can be as much as simple as not using your phone until you complete the task or it can be as complex as not getting of your chair until the work done. You have to prioritize your own golden rules because this rules are going to be your margins for productivity if you don't follow them they will be just a pair of lines for you.

TIP- write down your tasks for the day a day before the day of execution and strike them out when you are done. It gives you a feeling of satisfaction. Make your routine morning based if you have a task for deep work and needed to be given more attention. Your brain is more active and focused in the morning.


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