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Being productive #2

Are goals important?

In the first blog we saw that what is productivity and how self discipline and the golden rule method helps you to get your work done. So in this blog we will see whether goals are important in our life are they are really necessary for achieving success and also how to achieve your goals without burning out.

Well goals are an integral part our life. Goals can be long term or short term. Why do you actually need goals or a particular agenda for the day? Will it bring us a happy life? These are the questions which people actually have. Goals actually defines the zenith position where you want to be and for that you are wiling to undergo hard-work . Goals actually work as a path to your chosen definition of success. If you want a proper path aligned toward success then you must have particular goals.

Is it ''OK'' to not have a plan?

This choice actually depends from person to person . If you don't have a plan then the only thing which can happen is you will not decide your destination but life will decide it for you. Not having a plan is just like running a marathon without knowing where the finish line is. I would definitely not suggest anyone to not have a plan. But there are different overviews and misconceptions which people generally have. People think that having a goal is not worthy because when you don't hit the goal there is feel of gloominess. This is actually not right because when you undergo failure and when you look back from where you had started you would have generally progressed from the initial point. So even if you don't hit the goal you would be still progressing.

How to complete your goals without burning out

So once you have fixed your goal the next step will be initiating your plan. This requires much discipline and hard-work than strategizing. "Thought without action is dead" . Make a proper schedule and take the necessary steps. Be punctual about your productivity and also focus on your goals and have a higher perspective about what you want to achieve. When you start working on your goals there is much possibility that you would not be able to be persistent about your efforts. So the first step would be making your goals your first priority and always maintain the work you are putting to fulfil your dreams. When you start feeling stressed out with your work then you should freshen up your mind by reading good books or listening to good and positive podcasts. There should be a proper balance of work and fun. Also you should be more persistent about your daily work because when you don't have a proper stability about your working hours you are less focused. eg today if you study 10 hours and tomorrow if you study just 2 hours you would not be able to maintain a proper graph about your progress also you will face the problem of burning out, stress and might feel monotonous. So the thing is you have to put equal amount of work everyday. Also remember GREAT THINGS TAKE TIME.

TIP- make a proper schedule where you work the same time everyday to make a habit of efficient work . Also don't change tasks between your work this will enable you to get distracted and have a residue of the first task. Don't get distracted from your goals.

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