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Being Productive #3

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

Disconnecting from the connected world

Today we are going to talk about the foremost important issue which everyone faces getting of from their devices. The electronic devices which are an integral part of our life are consuming our life. People think they are using these devices but actually the devices are using them as terminology for procrastination. Well I was a social media addict spending at least 2hrs a day on Instagram and other social media apps but now I have actually got rid of the addiction.

These are some methods through which you can try out to decrease your phone's screen time:

The 10 bucks rule-This rule is actually a kind of forceful shutdown to your phones. The idea is not to get on your phone until and unless your work is done. So choose a time slot or a particular target which has to be done and restrict yourself from using the phone. If by any means you pick up your phone and start scrolling through your screen you will have to pay to a person to whom you have explained this rule or you will have to drop the 10 rupees from your wallet into a "10 bucks rule box". {you cannot use the money from the box until a targeted time is allotted} This method actually works because when it comes to money people become stingy towards giving and this rule can work for other things which you are addicted to. Also the price of the fine can be increased as per how you are actually addicted to a particular aspect and how strongly you want to get rid of that thing.


Hiding your phone from your sight-This method is only effective when you will follow your golden rules {golden rule method explained in first blog} also when you are really serious about your goals. Set a golden rule of not getting of from your place. Then hide your phone from your sight and then sit on your chair and start your productive work. Now the thing is due to the golden rule you cannot get off from your place and also you cannot see your phone this tactic works on your mind like a trap of getting productive without any excuses. Also switch off your phone before getting to work.


Weekly social media login- This is an initial restriction on using social media apps. You can actually prefer the 30 days social media isolation. But if anyone wants to just have a glance of what actually social media isolation is then they should definitely try this method. Login into your social media accounts only once a week, it could be any day whenever you are free. but you cannot use these apps other than the login day. this technique is quiet tough to follow because when you login on one particular day you use the app the maximum amount of time that day. I am using this method for my accounts but it's not working that great because when you login once in a week you go through all the things which happened in the week. You can actually try the social media detox for 30 days and you might feel much better than this. As I said this technique is for beginners where you are actually trying to get rid of the fake world.


Productive procrastination- This is an perfect substitute for getting off from your schedule if you feel monotonous. This method cuts off your unnecessary urge of rendering on Instagram or Facebook. In this method you should look for some tasks which will improve your character. This can be anything from learning new language, reading books, attending a skill share class, listening to positive podcasts or writing your daily reflection. This is the easiest way of getting a break from your schedule and refreshes your mind from the hectic schedule. This technique involves the use of your devices so you should have a proper control over your mind for not going through any content which is going to reduce your productivity and distract you from your daily goals.


TIP- Follow your golden rules strictly, your first priority of being productive is following these golden rules. Say no to social media it is actually the root cause of procrastination. Don't use your phone for mere causes, use it when you genuinely cannot find any substitute for it.


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