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Being productive #5

Daily Routine

Routine, the way on which you drive your daily schedule and manage your plans. Routine is an essential thing which you should have if you have to live a disciplined life. Now in this blog I am going to talk about the initial plan to how to create a proper routine by squeezing most of your time towards productive work.

  • Taking over the most important tasks So your weekly agenda is divided into two parts the most important tasks or things on which you have to work deeply and less important tasks or the shallow tasks [ The concept of deep and shallow task has been given by Dr. Cal Newport refer our book review about it]. Now knowing your tasks is really important factor in your work schedule, so manage your task accordingly and also give the importance to the deep work tasks and also perform more productive sessions. The more the proper selection of your tasks the less you will waste your time on shallow work sessions.

    • Stop switching tasks If you want to stay more focused on just one particular task then stop switching your tasks again and again because that will form a sort of attention residue in your mind about the previous task. Eg. When you switch your task like if you are revising your notes to checking your messages and again when you return to your notes you will have a certain part as an attention residue stuck in your mind which will lead to degradation of your focus level and you will end up unfocused. To avoid this situation you will have to focus on just one task and when you are done with that task carry on with the next one. Multitasking is a myth! Have a proper manageable task list with proper allotment of the time you are going to take for that task to be completed. Allot the time according to your focus "stop managing your time start managing your focus". Most importantly follow your golden rules which you have made for yourself [ to understand the golden rules execution method read our first productivity blog]

      • Designing your routine Your routine should me made in advance before you take on with your tasks. Planning your routine can be weekly or daily. Now your routine should have a proper allotment of time and a subject or a particular work and when you complete the task just strikeout the tasks so that you will get a sense of satisfaction of work fulfilment. According to me most probably the routine should be morning based because according to different research your brain's focus level are at peak points in the morning. So you can complete your tasks which are going to take a lot of time and high level of focus in that period. Your daily routine should also include breaks or power naps [ power naps should last only 30 mins maximum because if you take a long breaks that might decrease your will power to complete your tasks after the break]. The routine should not be too hectic but it should be planned for every second to avoid procrastination. You can use different productivity apps like 'NOTION' to schedule your tasks. When you start procrastinating you enter a non-productive loop and end up wasting your day and the tasks incomplete. So do have a plan for every second. The last thing for designing the routine is that you should give the first priority to the cognitive tasks rather than rendering on the minors. Complete your main tasks first and then go for the entertainment.

        • How to stay motivated to get things done To stay productive for longer intervals of time you should firstly drain the shallow work [ read the ''Deep work'' book review to understand] and also manage the time in such a way that you don't give yourself a chance to get distracted. Keep your phones switched off isolate yourself and start your work. Focus just on one task and have a higher optimistic attitude towards your goals. Also stick to your daily routine and prioritize the working hours to level up your focus. The more you will change your productivity time interval the less focused you will be. Trust me scheduling your tasks and following your daily routine will make you disciplined and also you will spend less time thinking about the ''unorganized'' life on the social media. Don't allow yourself to get distracted and follow your golden rules. Don't feel sad when you don't get any results look at the progress made and not the terminology of hitting the success bell after all ''it's about progress and not perfection''.

TIP- Always stay positive towards your goals and make sure you complete your tasks first and then procrastinate. Stay focused and ignore the distractions.


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Mayuresh Pednekar
Mayuresh Pednekar
Mar 05, 2021

Very helpful

Thanks a lot!!

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