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Being Productive #6

The productivity slump

Productivity is a great thing to render on, making efforts to get things done as possible. But there are times when you might feel unproductive and might dive inside an unproductive work day making you feel boring and lethargic. The thing you can call it as a productivity slump.

Now productivity slump is the time when you feel actually tired or bored or even you might not feel energetic to perform a task and get things done. You actually feel ineffective and the focus levels deteriorate. You might hit the productivity slump more often after your lunch because of the Circadian Rhythm. Circadian rhythm is basically a sleep wake cycle which hits you after every rotation of earth i.e after every 24hrs. Now we hit the rhythm twice in a day first at 2.00am to 4.00am and the second at 1.00pm to 3.00pm i.e after your lunch break. Now we are asleep during the first hit i.e between 2.00am to 4.00 am but when it hits you second time in the afternoon you start to feel the afternoon slump.

Is productivity slump the end of your productive day

Well this actually depends on the person itself because if there is a lot of work aligned and you hit a productivity slump then you will have to gather some motivation [the myth factor] to get started again. Most importantly you will have to change the scene or the particular mindset which you are going through.

Some methods to overcome your productivity slump

  • Take a break This tactic can be used when you are genuinely stressed out and you are on the urge of letting things go then just Take a break. It can be going for a small walk or ****trying out productive procrastination [Read being productive #3 to learn about it]. You just need to change your environment and get out of that rut to make things happen. Take a break and strategize your next tasks and take a step with or without motivation. This small things can make big changes. That instant burst of freshness will make you more energetic and you will get your tasks done.

  • Have a positive relationship This thing actually sets on your mood at a really high speed. Meet people who can motivate you or reach out to those groups which are already fueled and productive. You can have general conversation with this kind of people or have chat about how's life going on or if you are from the same levels or working together have a track about their progress.'' As you are damn contagious'' the energy which the people have will be transferred to you and you will have a better and fresh mindset to get things done again. You will imitate their behavior and end up being productive.

  • Find a reason to get out of your desk This sounds pretty weird because I always tell you guys to stick to your golden rules and do not leave your desk until you are finished but just get a squeaky little reason to get out of your desk and just have a change of the environment or grab a coffee to stay awake. But research show that you should not consume caffeine after 3.00pm because it will degrade your sleep quality at night and you might stay awake [ just like having insomnia]. Instead just grab a glass of water. Well I try this thing whenever I get into a slump and I return much refreshed and productive. Another thing you can do is washing your face.

  • Power nap Power nap is an absolutely great method to recharge your energy and to get out of that afternoon slump. Power nap includes a small amount of resting time like 20mins or maximum 30mins this actually seems really small but it actually is sufficient and efficient for your mindset because sleeping for more time in the afternoon can actually make you stay awake at night and also it will decrease your energy. You might feel monotonous after a long sleeping session and will reduce your productivity status. Always set an alarm before you take a nap, don't believe on yourself when it comes to getting some rest you might sleep unknowingly for larger intervals. That's why Spain actually has a sleeping culture after a lunch called ''siesta'' so that they can get rid of the slump after the lunch by making themselves comfortable. TIP- Don't face a burnout when you feel less productive, just get off with it and just take a break. Refer Thomas frank's video on ''How to stop feeling tired in the afternoon'' for better insight.


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