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Being Productive #7


  • What does procrastination mean? Procrastination is the action of delaying or postponing something. It could be further stated as a habitual or intentional delay of starting or finishing a task despite knowing it might have negative consequences.

Today's blog is about procrastination. Basically what we do when we are given a month timeline to complete a task but still we do it two days prior that's what it means an unintentional delay to the work we are assigned. Procrastination not only hampers our focus but also our creativity. What we can do in 2 or 3 days we do it in a month.

Let's think why this happens , it's basically our mind which never want's to work hard everyday, our mind doesn't work hard rather say our mind doesn't think hard. So basically our mind is lazy. Whenever we are assigned with a task instantly we come up with a roadmap to complete the task but the thing that doesn't happens is following the schedule. We start getting thoughts like there is lot of time, ''I can do it anytime'' so on. Our mind will try every way to distract us from our work and we will end up watching television or binging some web series. This happens with everyone no one is an exception I don't think there are any non procrastinators.

Procrastination can be considered O.K if we are doing small projects or something which is not so important but it becomes a big problem if we are trying to inculcate a habit or leave a habit. Let's say I want to wake up at 5 am everyday and turn it into an habit. When the clock hits 5 am and the alarm rings my mind will start thinking how much work I did last night and my body needs rest. Some insensible thoughts will come into my mind like we should sleep 7 hours I would have even slept that much but still it will come and at the end I will think "I should start from tomorrow instead".

Simple solution to procrastination will be prioritizing your tasks being more disciplined and cutting off yourself from unnecessary things. The less distraction we will have in our life the more time we will invest in productive work . Watch this for better understanding.

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