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Being productive #8

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

The robotic mindset

Plan a task. Get it done! No emotions, complete the task-list at the end of the day. The absolute mindset of a productive nerd. Life is getting so much instrumental that we no longer care about the environment we are in our own world of getting things done. Well this thing is not bad though but it can ruin your ability to react at certain situations or you will forget the fun factor behind the ability of productivity.

Robotic mindset works in the following ways-

1. Doing things at 2x speed

You can actually burst out productivity or get things done at a faster pace with saving the time you have and prioritizing the goal you want to achieve. The robotic mindset works in that particular way you would not stop until you have your task done or whatever you want to achieve. But when you have less time and you change your speed from normal to 2x that can improve your ability to get things done before time. eg. If I want to write a 10 pages assignment and I have to do it in like say 1hr I will double my writing speed and would not stop until I have completed the task. Even if I don't hit the goal I would be still proud of the achievement of almost hitting the goal and after all you need that small little initial start to complete the task. You would be still going at 2x speed after 1hr. This technique improves your ability to talk or listen things at faster rate. [You might save some seconds or minutes by doing so]. The actual motive behind this technique is not allowing yourself to think about irrelevant thoughts as you are already doing things at 2x speed you will totally focus on your task. It genuinely works every time.

2. Filtering all the distractions

A machine always work in a particular way it is made to work. Similarly our body is a machine and our brain the operator. Now our mind gets distracted obviously coz it has some kind of weird aspectual data hidden deep into the mind which can lead you to some weird and embarrassing moments of your life. Here you will have to add one thing before you get to work ''the distraction filter''. So just imagine yourself getting distracted, now tell yourself ''I know you have deviated from the original path now come to the right one''. It kind of works if you are listening to the orders from your brain and firstly if your brain is not a corrupt official. [If you want to know more about it then just read our blog ''disconnecting from the connected world''].

3. Hacking your mind

So this method works in a particular way, when you trick your mind and you don't provide any way other than hard-work. Like let's say applying Newton's first law ''if a body is at rest or moving at a constant speed in a straight line, it will remain at rest or keep moving in a straight line at constant speed unless it is acted upon by an external force''. This law absolutely works for productivity. You have to apply that one single push or force to get out of bed and start working out or whatever else, and when you give yourself that one single push your body automatically gets into motion and keeps moving until you finish the work. Eg. If I tell myself I have to do 50 pushups but I feel quite monotonous about it but instead if I tell myself we will just go for 30 and then start, I will reach at the count of 30 I will negotiate with my mind to do just more 20 as I have already done 30 pushups! and I will make it till 50 probably. I learnt this productivity concept from Ali Abdaal's''Skillshare'' class, Ali is youtuber who gives productivity tips and tricks to get things done. Definitely check out his Youtube channel. So you have to put yourself in such a condition like you will have to do the work and there will be no other way moving out. Or you can use a timer to keep yourself stuck to that seat and get those two pages of assignment done instead of scrolling through Instagram.

4. Planning your every second

I learnt this thing from Cal Newport's book Deep work. If we don't want any void space in our mind to act or think rubbish or get distracted from your path, plan your every second. This will save time. Also it will make you work more and be focused for a long interval of time. Just don't switch tasks because it will create an attention residue and you might feel distracted. The robotic mindset work's in a similar way. Just focus on the given task and get things done as fast as possible. Always keep yourself busy to live a happy life and to stop overthinking.

On a last note I would say don't plan a lot of things instead plan less and get it done before, with all your focus. Only apply the robotic mindset where you are losing your focus and derailing from the track of attention.

TIP- Plan less and work deeply on one particular topic. Try the 2x speed method only when you know you would not mess up and pile up another work.


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