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Creating a meaningful productivity

So the last couple of days I faced a lot of brain fog and some procrastination due to the lockdown effect and also my targets were becoming a blur. I was trying to gain answers from every possible website, every possible YouTube video also explored some of the podcasts and books, and then I found my answer my productivity was no longer seems meaningful to me. How you can make it meaningful again and how can you be more resilient towards your work and ethics to stay productive and get back on track with your goals and motives.

  • What productivity does? "Productivity is not actually about getting more done, it is actually about having more fun". This line from Ali Abdaal hits me every time and also resembles everyone. When you love the work you do or when you are enjoying the process of getting things done you won't feel it as a burden or a kind of "have to do thing". Elon musk also says that "when you love the thing you are doing you won't feel it as work" so even if you are working for 22hrs a day working on the Tesla model you don't feel like a burden. [ok 22hrs is a lot you need to take some rest also]. So productivity is helping yourself out on the things you want to develop in the long term. You might not see the development in the short term but as it compounds and most importantly if you make progress every single day it is going to get compounded in the long term and also that will be a huge update to your life. Productivity helps you to get in touch with the completion of your goals and helps you out to create your own identity by developing the skills and the proper mindset you need to have.

  • How can you build the productivity habit? If you want to build the productivity habit you need to have a clear vision of your goals and most importantly you should work on it. If you want to make a habit of productivity you have to reward yourself when you achieve small destinations on the path to achieve your posts. When you get those small rewards which you receive after completing the tasks you will understand how the whole cycle of development works. Most importantly look at the progress you are making. Even if you are making 1% every day it's fine at least you are developing. When you look at the small progress which you make every day your mindset stays positive and you feel like you are taking steps to complete your goals in the long run.

  • The equation for meaningful productivity

This is my equation of meaningful productivity and how you can create the goals which matter to you. So this equation works on the principle of reactant, catalyst, and product form. In the reactant section comes the task you want to do. The product formed here is the goal you are aiming for and the catalyst acts as the reason or the "why" behind your goals. Firstly let's come to the task. If you are a student your task will be studying, your product will be obtaining good marks or getting admission in a good college, in the catalyst section will be the reason why you want to achieve your goals. This works on the principle of the right intention. Until you don't figure out the "why" behind your goals the action of achieving your goals will be slow. As the catalyst is the substance that speeds up the reaction. Until you don't figure out the reason behind your goals your efforts will be intentional less more often they will be just mere tasks for you. Let's take an example If my goal is to become a doctor which will be in the product section. While the reactant will be clearing all the medical exams by studying effectively. But if you don't know why you want to be a doctor or the reason behind becoming a doctor your efforts will be full of vain. But if you know the catalyst or the why behind the want like "I want to save lives" then your goals will have a proper intention and meaning.

  • Intention less productivity is 'abburido' In Spanish "abburido" means boring [ok that's a fancy thing]. When your actions are intention less you don't find it interesting and feel lethargic when you try to make some progress regarding your goals. Also, all the days are not the same. But if you are working with the right mindset and the right kind of intention you know why you want to achieve something. As Jay says in 'Think like a monk' book "the act of giving should be rather an intentional one it gives satisfaction to both the receiver as well as the giver". When both the people have the same kind of intention in their mind like the one receiving the help feels grateful for the thing and the one offering the help feels grateful for helping someone. This is the intention loop.

  • Getting into a procrastination loop

When your goals are intention less you get "brain fog" in which you are not clear about your perspectives or the things you want to achieve. You screw the progress and instead opt for procrastination that makes the whole process hollow with certain loops. When you get a brain fog you feel Monday productive, Tuesday a less productive day and likewise, until you get through the weekend everything gets screwed up with a procrastination loop. Now if you are having the mindset of want to do something [like wanna change the world concept] you know your motive so you can get through brain fog. Beware of the brain fog and avoid the procrastination loop.

  • Focus on "what are you doing" rather than what "you will be doing"

This concept comes from overthinking or even ruminating on certain weird moments of your life. When you aren't in your present you can't even create your future. When you are constantly thinking about your future you overthink and look at all the possible situations which are not even gonna occur. I have explained the concept in the blog "overthinking is an addiction" check that out. Eventually, it's like Dr. Strange saying to Iron man "If I tell you what is going to happen it won't happen". Life is meant to be explored. If Dr. Strange would have told Mr. Stark that we are going to win against Thanos they might have not fought with their full potential and eventually would have lost the war. The thing is rather than focusing on "what if" focus on "what is".

  • Be grateful for your productivity This is the most important step of your whole productivity status. When you express gratitude towards what you have or the life you have you feel more gifted, more filled with intention and whatever you achieve receives salvation. Another thing is "believe in yourself". There is a quote from Swami Vivekananda "If you have faith in the three hundred and thirty millions of your mythological Gods and still have no faith in yourselves, there is no salvation for you. Have faith in yourselves and stand upon that faith and be strong".

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