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Damn, that adulting...

Finally, I’m done with my internship… 😮‍💨. It was one of the toughest things I have ever encountered till now. All the physical, mental, and emotional pressure I have felt through this path was unfathomable. Even though there were a lot of things I was going through it was still great to enjoy the process, and learn something which is efficient for me to understand an organization's work.

between plating desserts

I was working in the hospitality industry for the past four and a half months. Hotel life is very much flashy and luxurious as it seems but to maintain the spark and to be perfect in operations there are a lot of things that are equally important which brings this industry a completely solved puzzle. The small puzzle pieces are the staff members who work regardless to maintain the standards or the elite status of the property. Each puzzle piece needs another piece to whom they can connect to complete the picture. Likewise each department has to work hand in hand to make this canvas full of colours.

Before joining hospitality I barely noticed the small things the service people did for us. But when I worked on that level, I saw how much effort the staff took just to avoid any complaints for the smooth operations to be carried out. I gained a lot of humility towards the people who work for us to make our day efficient by providing service to us. I owe a lot of respect to the ones working to provide the services for guests😇.

It's difficult to understand how people travel long distances to reach their workplace just to earn a dime. Traveling was the most boring part of going to work traveling 1hr every day wherein I have to work the whole day and then return home after a hectic day at work. It was much more difficult to not doze off after a night shift.

When it was my first night shift it was very difficult to stay awake, after the midnight snacks break I was too sleepy. I wasn’t used to the reverse day schedule. Suffering from headaches I still went for the shift. Sleeping during the day was a task because of the circadian rhythm. But eventually, I got used to it because I continued my night shift for a month.

The whole internship was hectic I agree because of the unusual shifts and long working hours but I learned a lot through the process.

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