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Developing your natural abilities.

Creating a new skill or even learning something new can be difficult at times but have you ever developed something which required very little effort to be the best at your game? Or have you discovered such a thing that requires the least effort to master it? Well, that is what I am talking about in this one. How you can be at your best when the odds are in your favour and how you can master it when you already have some basic skills which make you different from others.

  • Exploring your natural abilities.

Exploring your talents is what everybody does when you have to choose a career. But what you should look for when you have to find the fields where the odds are in your favour or how you can find the perfect game which you find as a fun factor and others feel it as a hectic work. I would say if you have to figure out what is best for you then you need to keep exploring everything. It's pretty simple. You need to look out for the things where you thrive and try to be better at them. Like I had a thing that stuck with me throughout my school life. I was good at writing skills. Whenever we had an English exam I used to score the most in the writing skills part as compared to the grammar or the Q and A part. Even I used to score more in the writing skills part in my regional language exams. Once I won 2nd prize in an essay writing competition. When I was in high school I started scoring really well in English this time my overall score was pushing by. My friends used to think that I am Ma'am's favourite student that's why I was scoring so much in English. But actually, it wasn't the case. I was again scoring the best in my writing skills section. Where those guys were scoring 2-3.5 marks out of 5 in a particular writing skill section. I was scoring almost 4 - 4.5 in a question. So I felt that this skill can become stronger and more worthy that's why I started this website and started writing blog posts and book summaries. My blogs weren't that good when I started nor they are the best right now but after some time I saw a small spike of development in my writing. My writing was becoming more and more compelling and still, I am in the learning stage. Just like I used this skill and put in some more effort to thrive in this one you can also find your fit but the only thing is you need to have that eagle eye to notice the slightest possible spike.

  • Odds in your favour.

Neeraj Chopra the gold medallist in the men's Javelin throw in Tokyo 2020 Olympics also known as India's golden boy. He won the second individual gold medal in India's history of the Olympics and the first athletics medal for India. He was overweight in his childhood. His fitness coach firstly shaped him by making him work out on his cardio and flexibility then they tried various sports where to find his perfect fit. When he was given the javelin he threw more than 25 meters as compared to an average student who throws 20 meters. That's how he started his career in the Javelin throw. His family encouraged him for athletics because they thought he needed to lose some weight. Today he is the Olympic gold medallist. Here also he used the things in which he was good at. You need a pretty heavy body or some muscular body to make the cut in these kinds of sports like the Javelin throw, shot put, and discuss throw. He was flexible and also strong enough to throw the Javelin 87.58 meters to win the gold medal. But if he would have made a career in running he might haven't flourished that much he might have done that also as everything is possible. But, as the odds were in his favour he made the cut to become the best at his sport. That's what developing your natural abilities is. Watch Neeraj's story here.

When you have a certain natural skill the only thing you have to do next is create a liking about it and you will flourish. Developing your natural skill is just like polishing the raw diamond from the dust so that it would shine bright. Your natural abilities are always raw you have to give it some time and some extra effort then it will shine bright.

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