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Disagreement can save lives🧐

As bigger this word is, the more complex it actually is. Everyone can’t have the same perspectives. But, do you think that disagreements are important to have a good relationship between your partner, your parents, and your clients? Disagreements lead to a lot of disturbances between people, and might even distort the connections forever unable to fixation⚔️.

The literal meaning of the word according to Oxford University is “a situation in which people have different opinions, or an inability to agree”. People should have some kind of diversion in their opinions If there’s no opposition there wouldn’t have been left wing and the right wing. The world would have been a Utopia with no riots, fights, or crimes😇. Just everyone agrees to one statement, one condition, and one decision. To oppose the unjust opposition is formed. That’s when people rise up when they don’t have the same perspective as others. The reason for having democracies is because someone can take action and oppose the leading Government and that’s when the right decision can be made if there’s injustice happening in the society.

Disagreements can be emotionally charged and may lead to conflict and division😠. Furthermore, in some cases, individuals may feel attacked or threatened by opposing viewpoints, which can lead to defensiveness and closed-mindedness. However, it is important to remember that disagreement does not have to be negative. By approaching disagreements with an open mind and a willingness to learn, we can turn them into opportunities for growth and understanding.

Stalingrad in ruins

World War 2 was one of the deadliest battles on the planet. The Germans started the war by invading Poland in 1939. During that time period, The Soviet Union didn’t want to get involved in the war. Hitler was against communism and the Bolsheviks. He wanted to get a hold of the Soviets. He wanted to spread the Nazi propaganda and fascism. But at that time he signed a Non-Aggression pact with the Soviets promising them not to invade the Soviet territory. The Soviet Union was out of the war until June 1941 when Hitler launched Operation Barbarossa 🚨. He started capturing the Soviet territories. For one year the fight went on and the Soviets had to face severe damages, costing the lives of millions of soldiers as well as civilians. Hitler was on the brink of capturing Moscow.

But before capturing Moscow he went on to capture the city of Stalingrad. He wanted this city to be captured for its significance in the soviet civil war and as it was named after the then Soviet leader Joseph Stalin. But Stalin didn’t want to lose the city as it would have been a huge embarrassment for him. So he ordered his army to not retreat at any cost even if the civilians can't escape the city. For the Battle of Stalingrad, the Germans were led by General Paulus.

Lieutenant General Friedrich Paulus

In August 1942 the deadliest battle of the whole world war started ☠️. The Soviets were dominated by the Nazis. Till the month of November, the Nazis had captured around 90% of the city. But the winter 💨 struck which changed the whole course of the war. The Germans weren’t able to survive the severe cold. General Paulus demanded Hitler around 20 tons of food supply for their huge army to survive the starvation. Hitler denied the request and ordered them to stand put. The German army was pleading with Paulus to retreat. Paulus followed Hitler’s order🪖s. The Soviets changed the tables and rapidly capture the surrounding area of the city leaving a pocket wherein the Germans were trapped. Paulus again asked Hitler for a retreat or possible supporting army but Hitler didn’t let him leave the battlefield. Around 3,00,000 German soldiers were trapped in this pocket. The Soviets offered to surrender but still Paulus declined and followed Hitler’s order. Due to severe cold conditions, the German army started diminishing.

Joseph Stalin

On the 30th of January 1943, Hitler offered him a promotion if he makes the way out or kill himself to avoid surrender. This time General Paulus didn’t follow his orders and surrendered to the Soviets. All the remaining 91,000 Nazi soldiers surrendered themselves to the Soviets. This was costed huge losses to both the Allies as well as the Axis. Nearly 1.5 million Soviets were killed during this battle which also consisted of civilians.

If General Paulus wouldn’t follow Hitler’s order and would have retreated or surrendered before the chaos, it could have saved the lives of both armies🤔. Disagreement at times can actually save people from facing the unjust. Disagreement is essential to a healthy and functioning society, and we must embrace it as a means of promoting growth and progress. When disagreement is suppressed or ignored, it can lead to social stagnation and injustice.

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