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Do you deserve this?

It's been a long time since I have written up a post for my website, as I was busy with campus interviews and exams. Well practically speaking I just lost track of my writing habit😢, spilling the words out to create some sort of content but more than that it gave me much of a mental clarity. The last 2months have been so mentally exhaustive because of the interview nuisance,😩 and trying to get a job so that there’s some sort of job security after graduation. No one wants to graduate from college only with a degree but with several job offers from different companies.

I was not that serious about the placement procedure but when it started students were competing actively with each other. Sometimes people even tried sabotaging each other’s reputation just to secure a job🤨. One of my classmates had a statement “How people forget all their values to deteriorate someone’s image for the sake of a job”. I agree that we should be persuasive, competitive, and enthusiastic to grab the opportunity that the companies are providing but sometimes I also feel that stepping on someone’s finger at the cost of improving your success probability isn’t righteous. Darwin’s theory weighs in here “Survival of the fittest”. But competing is an eminent part of your existence. Until and unless you don’t outperform others you won’t be the chosen one🫤.

After trying hard enough, and giving your best shot as well there are certain times you still get rejected. You know getting rejected isn’t the most hurtful part, but when someone inferior to your qualities and knowledge gets chosen. I know I have no right to judge someone on their caliber, but it hurts when you know you can do better than them and you aren’t on their list. When this happens you just can do only one thing; “Just let go”. I have learned from Jay Shetty’s book “Think Like a Monk” that if things are under your control you will do something about it if they aren’t just let go💖. Maybe, there’s something much better than this, God has a plan for everything, whatever belongs to you will come to you maybe not now but someday it will do😌. You have to wait for that moment, until then keep hustling, taking an effort is the only thing you can do. If you think I have forgotten about how the recruiter chose someone of a lower caliber than me then no, it's difficult to let go, still I try my level best to implement it and work on myself.

Another thing that I have observed from the interviews is that sometimes it's not you at fault, there are times when you aren’t suited for the job position, maybe you aren’t the one they are looking for, maybe you aren’t the one they want because you are different that doesn’t mean you aren’t good enough for the job. Its just they haven’t found what they are looking for. There have been times when candidates are overachievers or as good as leaders, but what they need is followers who will walk through the path that they have carved instead of going against the system.

“There might be 99 roles where you don’t fit in but there will be other 901 roles where you still can fit in”

I needed this blog for myself a lot, instead of sharing my viewpoints I wanted to empty my rumbling head with all the ongoing thoughts.

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Cheers ✌️


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