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Don't compare your life with others

We are never satisfied with what we get and how we live. We want to be like others who seem happy to us. We compare our lives a lot, I have seen a lot of people complaining how they don't have a nice happy life like another person. What we don't see is the hard work and challenges which people face to live a comfortable life. We compare our life sometimes on basis of money and sometimes happiness.

I used to compare and complain a lot to GOD because I felt I am the most unlucky person and my life was imperfect, which wasn't true. While concentrating on what we don't have we tend to forget what we have and that is the reason why many people are unhappy. After seeing successful people and after watching movies we start feeling that we are the people who are suffering the most. What we don't see is misery and obstacles in other's life. I mostly used to compare my parents with others because money was not a big problem in my life. My parents used to stop me from socializing and even trying extra-curricular and after watching how my friends got more freedom than me, I used to complain a lot. I don't think that made any difference to my life instead I was starting to feel like a victim. This victim mentality stops you from getting out of a problem even if your problem is not big enough you will feel like you are in a big mess.

Comparison is never-ending if you are not satisfied with your life you will always think other's are more happy in life. Instead of complaining we should better concentrate on what we can do in the future to improve our lifestyle. Our future is in our hand and instead of crying on what we didn't get and just wasting time we can utilize that time in building our future.

Thank you. Have a great day!!


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