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Everyone seems figured out except you…

Going down a rabbit hole and not understanding that was it the thing you always wanted? It might happen all the time. But when it happens with your career then it becomes a big issue because you know that your parents paid fees for the University and then study the syllabus you get that the course wasn’t made for you. I heard this in Warikoo’s podcast where he says finding your niche thing which will make you happy won’t be found until you walk different pathways. It is completely fine to have different likings and interests during a different time of your life. You can have multiple insights throughout your life. Even Ankur Warikoo dropped out of Michigan State University even though he was on a full scholarship. He didn’t like the subject anymore so he dropped out of the University.

I think dropping out or quitting your job is always a big step. our society has glorified that people find their way once they drop out of college, but what if the stars don’t get aligned accordingly and you just sway around difficult to monetize your skill for freelance or even get a basic job. I think people should know the second and third-order consequences of everything they do. People miss out on important things sometimes. It is also fine to miss out on something so that you can figure it out during the journey. But it's always better to figure out your money perspective because if you drop out of your college or quit your job the most important thing you need is money. No matter what you think but financial independence will bring the most joy.

Well, I always had a liking for food and dreamt of having a food show or something. But once I got into college I understood it's more difficult than what it looks like. I knew that there was going to be physical stress due to long working hours in the restaurant. But when I worked in a 5-star hotel I got that this thing isn’t my cup of tea. I won’t be able to do it for a longer period. Well, I thought that I would get through this industry. But then I understood that I have much more capability than what this industry is offering me. Well, this thing struck me when I explored my other skills. What I think is I would continue with my degree because if I complete this degree I would be eligible for MBA also this course needs a lot of soft skills. I just want to ace at them so it is beneficial for me as well. Though MBA isn’t a fixated goal for me but just an educational goal right now. I don’t even know whether I would go for it or not. I am going to discover my liking throughout the process of discovering myself.

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