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Everything doesn’t have to make sense…

We always have this notion of doing things that make a difference in our life, creating habits, and trying to improve our life. But sometimes it feels like it should be just random like nobody has planned, just like this blog post. I’m literally pouring out my thoughts and nothing else. Scheduling your day is important as it saves time but, more than that choosing the right task is much more important. I always had habits and a routine that made me a pre-programmed machine. But then I joined my internship and then my life completely took a turn. Weird hectic shifts long working hours and traveling from work to home made me a person with zero patience. In this whole madness, I learned just one important thing about life, life is short enough to enjoy apart from work, so choose the right activities which will make you feel that you lived your day.

When I started this website I had this motive of writing something productive so that it would benefit someone. But then I started forgetting that writing was my hobby and I took it as a task to force myself into writing something worthwhile which will benefit someone. But I think I don’t have to make things according to readers rather, I should find the content I find interesting and worth writing. The more I tried stressing about making the content worth reading the less it became interesting, also my frequency to post content reduced to almost one post a month. Things kept changing when I joined my internship, with changes in behaviour and change in priorities.

I have this one goal to complete my internship, other than that there’s nothing that I’m working on. Not even the college assignments and the reports. I always thought I have to write a blog, I have to read at least 10 pages of the book but then I never did it was sheer procrastination and nothing else. Plans without action are a failure. My only motive was to report on the shift on time, complete my work and return home to sleep. I feel so tired post work that I realize how the startup peeps work on their dream products after work, Though I haven’t learned the skill of bearing my work stress as my mum says. This post doesn’t have any sense in itself it's just a self-reflection about my own life, I guess everyone should have these checkpoints to reflect on their daily schedule and happenings.

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