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Being productive #13

Why execution of your plans sucks

We like planning our future or even living in that void of the fantasy of being an absolute successful person. But why we get turned off when it comes to the execution of those plans which we make. Why we always skip the main process of the plan and jump on to the conclusion. We always just want to live in those dreams that we create for ourselves but we just keep imagining them probably we are just left daydreaming. As Kevin Hart says "You can either be the conversation of being the change or you can be the part of the action." So let's see how we can be a part of actual action.

  • Talking about the things we like or want to achieve is simple Now why we dream because it feels awesome, because it gives us that 1% of satisfaction which our current status can't give. It's a kind of hope and also a kind of mirage. Because you are assuming things that will happen to you in your long term but you aren't focusing on your current process or your current time. We should always have some dreams but we should not daydream about them. Daydreaming will create an empty void between your present time and your future. We always like this thing of preplanning our future and also always thinking about it rigorously. But it's really easy to think about the things that come with success until you give it a try. Now let's consider that I want to become a successful entrepreneur but if I don't work on the goal and just keep on dreaming about the lavish life I will gain after becoming a successful entrepreneur will not lead me to the path of success. Probably we should instead focus on the next step what we should do to come one step closer to our goal.

  • Focus on the process This thing I have learned recently that it's never about telling yourself about the goal but thriving more towards the process because if the process is hallow the goal fades away. In the long term just plan about the goal and leave it just like mutual funds plan it and leave it for the next 5 or 10 years. But when achieving your goals you need to plan once and put an equal amount of input every single time. Do not keep telling yourself about the goal every moment of your life but instead invest the time in your process that will be the building blocks for your goals. Ya but just don't forget about the goal all at once. 😅

  • Our assumption about success We always look at successful people and just say damn what a brilliant life this person is having. We look at these people as our role models. Do we look at a person as a role model who has failed in his/her own life? Absolutely not right we have that kind of thinking that I wanna be like him/her. But we just look at their successes and forget about their failures or their struggles and pain they have taken to reach that level of zenith point. Now I look upon Elon Musk as my role model that guy is a machine who can work 24x7 hrs. But he has taken a lot of pains in building all the companies which he owns today [definitely check out his biography]. He started SpaceX from zero and everyone knows the amount of effort you have to put in the space industry to develop a successful project. But still, he has managed this thing. Theirs always a quote "A winner is a loser who tried one more time". We always try to think about the lavish or flashy lives these successful people have but we should also look at the number of hardships they have undergone. The most common mistake we all do is that we try to figure out the success points in our life first hand and the problems we have to face secondly. Well, that is probably NHT [ Natural Human Tendency] and we should think about the actual fun we are going to have after reaching the extreme point put also not neglect the amount of work we have to put forth to achieve it.

  • The initial thrust we need to give to the plan The only initial thrust we need to have for the execution of our plans is the right 'purpose' or I would say the 'why' behind the execution. Now if you are doing or learning the things which are not useful in your long term feels more immobile and just a waste of time and energy [most common in the education system]. If you know the actual thing why you wanna do it then you will put all the amount of hard work and time into it to make it happen. Remember motivation is not the key to the long-term goals you want to achieve. As Jeff Haden talks in his book 'The motivation myth' "Motivation isn't the spark motivation is the fire that starts burning after we manually, painfully, coax it into existence". So when we fall for motivation it doesn't stay that long and we screw the process and it feels difficult to bring the foals to reality.

  • Plan executions and failures. Whenever we plan something for ourselves we never plan to deal with the issues that we are going to face during the process. We always deal with the problems when we come across them. It's perfectly right but, we should not give up until we solve the problem. I am saying you just to solve the problem not hit the goal. Because when you just solve 1 problem it gives you the excitement to solve more and when you keep on tackling the odds we start enjoying the process and most importantly start loving what we do. We always like to do in which we are getting some value or some positive outcome we would probably not do anything that gives us some negative impact and that's why tackling the problems is important. If we know how to use the algebraic equations to solve the questions then itself we are going to love solving algebraic sums, and if we solve the sums correctly it will give us the confidence to solve more tough ones. In short, start loving the problems which come across you to enjoy the process of executing your plans.

Even though plan execution is the most important and the toughest part while achieving your goals it is the "necessary" step to start your journey from bottom to the top. "Enjoy the journey before the destination". Also as the entrepreneur, Ayush Jaiswal the cofounder of Pesto tech says "Plan with patience but execute with impatience". Execute your plans now because the best time is in which you are living right now.


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