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Expecting a cookie but, instead received bread.

The other day I was having my lunch in the college cafeteria. So there was this college event, ”Organic festival” where the main motive was to promote organic farming and chemical-free food. Also, it allowed the local farmers of Goa to represent their natural products. On this occasion, the food was prepared on a large scale for the students as it was a national event coz student from other IHM’s visited our campus so it was a great experience to relive the dishes from different states of India. As IHM Goa was hosting this event the lunch constituted all the traditional dishes of Goa. There were around 8 dishes on the lunch menu. Including two desserts and savoury dishes as well. I have already tried almost all the traditional dishes of Goa. So there’s a bread which Goan's eat here called the “poee”. It's made from whole wheat coated with bran. It's circular and has an average diameter of about 8 to 10cms but the one we were given had a diameter of about 4cms which seemed like a cookie because of its bran-ish texture so I just kept it aside to enjoy it at the end of my meal. I almost finished my meal and went for the cookie just to know it was actually poee the traditional bread 🤦‍♂️. I was like what the hell? I kept it aside so that I can savour that at the end of my meal.

Goan bread (poee)

Felt like hokum but there were two desserts to end my meal with some sweet. But many times in our life where we expect something and get something crappy, just to feel this is not what I deserved. Our initial reaction is “why me always?”. We always think that “we deserved much better than this” or even things like “why all the bad things happen to me”. Problems, hardships, and downs in your life make life much more interesting. Makes your life more liveable. Expectations just hype your living. If the expectations aren’t met then the only thing which happens is a disappointment. We expect too much from people but we don’t understand that someone’s behaviour isn’t in our control. People do things that float their boat, so no matter what you expect from someone they are going to do things that they feel are right. Stop expecting from someone else. You can only show confidence in their actions. Supporting their decisions or suggesting their decisions is the only thing you can do.

Well, no matter how much we avoid expecting something to truly exist we still live in a fantasy of our thoughts. Let’s not mix things up with the real world. Accept the reality move ahead and eat the bread even if you think it was a cookie.

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Cheers ✌️


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