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Feeling stuck isn’t your fault.

Every time you try to get going with your habits and all the goals which you possess, you might feel stuck at times. Negotiating with yourself for that last one set of reps or even trying to read 25pgs of a book before you sleep becomes a hassle sometimes. Feeling stagnant and the fear of getting left out is much worse. Watching a motivational video and then getting to the same track once the motivation is over is just like caffeine acting on your sleep.

Feeling stuck is a feeling which makes you doubt your own capability. As 2022 starts and your namesake resolutions start fading away you might feel the need for this one. So let's talk about it in this post. Since, the year started people around the world started working on building new habits, working on their character and skills. After reading some habit-building books you start and plan your day with all the things according to that. But when things don’t go accordingly you start hating yourself for it. It might be even right sometimes but at certain times external factors just clash with your plans. Understanding these unplanned things are a lit bit difficult because those are surprises that you never expected. Unexpected things always get us off guard.

At the beginning of this year, I moved out of my parent's home for college. It was really difficult to settle in with new people. As we were a group of 6 roomies it was challenging to keep up with everyone’s habits. Lack of privacy was another concern. We settled in one of the most expensive places in India i.e Goa. I am pursuing hospitality management from one of the best places for exploration and diversified culture. It was one of the best things which happened to me in life. I was not nervous to settle in but I was definitely excited. But all the excitement faded away as the surge of Covid19 increased again. College was shut again because of the avid increase in omicron cases. I always felt stuck due to a lack of creative ideas, the constant feeling of a slump. We were doing all the household jobs including grocery shopping and also negotiating with the shopkeepers with our broken local language, which was a hassle. I planned many activities and new books which I wanted to read in 2022. But, everything just got shattered with all these happenings. It takes a lot of time to settle in. The feeling that the rented apartment isn’t my house always used to hinder my comfort zone. Adulting comes with its own cost. Making excel sheets for the expenses, finding the cheapest, and cooking food according to everyone’s taste was a bit hectic. Wanted to start my year by exploring new skills and executing some incredible ideas, but things don’t go the way you plan. But when one path closes another opens up. I developed my bargaining, communication, and some adulting skills. Everything happens for a reason. When I was at home I always felt left out and also enjoyed my solitude. But here I understood the importance of human correspondence, that feeling of compromising with everyone’s feelings and habits. You barely think about your emotions and feelings when you are surrounded by people. Well, we also toured some amazing places. I just felt free to go around anywhere to do anything I want. Still, I miss my mom’s handmade food. The thing is when you don’t feel like doing anything it's fine. You don’t have to be harsh on yourself and just keep the hustle culture on.

Sometimes it's a matter of fact that you need to accept your own values and progress. Creating your own space regarding the values you follow and the things you do is much more of a self-acceptance part. Better develop your own self rather than comparing with others and feeling regretted about the missing things in your life. No matter how small progress you make it is yours, the efforts are yours the results are yours. So don’t feel bad if you don’t hit your targets feel grateful for the moments as they teach you something valuable. The only caveat is you need to find the true essence of the things that happen with you without tagging them as good or bad. Feeling stuck is nothing but a recreational time to work on your future self and reflect on the past ones. If you liked this post then feel free to subscribe to our mailing list below. But before you leave enjoy these beautiful Goan sceneries.



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