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Future of Education

Will degrees matter in the future? This is the question nowadays many have whether companies will recruit them based on their merit or their skills. In India from a very young age, a lot of emphases is given on marks, if you have good marks you are considered smart which is correct but the merit system is given so much importance that students study only for marks rather than knowledge. We humans always want an easy way to get to our goals we don't want to work hard, from a small age we are taught to "memorize" everything whether we understand the topic or not because it's easy for the students and most importantly for the teachers as it makes the work easy for them. Understanding a topic/subject is hard and when you are getting a job easily by just showing a piece of paper everything becomes easy and that's the reason why we have so many engineers in India but still, we lack in science and technology because our engineers don't have skill. Talking about our education system it's fucked up and you can't rely on that for your future.

When I was in school I was an average student till my primary school, I wasn't a topper but I was able to understand the topics well. But then marks were given more emphasis and we were told if you want to be successful you should get good marks otherwise you won't be able to succeed in life. Another thing was that toppers used to get more importance than a national-level player in our class. I think somewhere because of these reasons I entered the rat race and then the whole thing changes and you start running behind marks. I think there is nothing wrong with becoming a topper or getting good marks but what I am saying is "marks should be a by-product of your studies", not your main goal. I studied like anything for my 10th standard which was worth it because I got a nice result but still when you get exposed to real-life after 10th you understand how stupid we are running behind marks. In terms of quality, we get nice education till the 10th grade but after that, you have to pay the price for quality education.

Nowadays a degree is not much useful because everyone is not able to get into the best institutions and everyone can't get the same level of education. Nowadays if you want to become a programmer or an animator you don't need a degree if you are good at your skill you can progress. Even big tech companies like Google or Microsoft don't ask for qualifications they take exams and if you excel you will be recruited, it's happening and I think in the future the value of the degree will deteriorate as companies are of course interested in skilled employees rather than so-called educated. A person who is well trained and experienced in the job becomes an asset whereas a person getting a job on merit turns out to become a liability for the company as they have to teach him everything from the scratch and of course anyone would employ an asset who will grow a company whether he is graduated or not doesn't matter.

I know so many people who don't have a degree in the profession they are pursuing but still, they are successful only because they had an interest in the field and a strong will to learn. Online education is going to play a big role in self-education because now we have all the resources and can learn whatever we want. Today employment is decreasing at a fast rate as humans are getting replaced by robots and AI in the technology field so I think the creative field is a field which will sustain even after 100 years and I think people should start considering creative fields as a career opportunity rather than a hobby. I think this pandemic has changed a lot of things for us everyone is mentally disturbed over various things I even forgot how normal life used to feel like but it's fine we have to evolve according to the circumstances. I am also learning various things now, even writing sometimes when I feel tired or sad or feel like sharing something and I think instead of wasting this time we should utilize it wisely.

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