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Getting rid of toxic environment.

Our life consists of good as well as bad times but. Likewise, we have two types of people around us positive and negative. This makes our life balanced. The thing is we can try to improve our life by getting rid of these kinds of people. But how we can make our life full of exhilarating by surrounding ourselves with the right people so that we can enhance our well-being and social life.

At times we feel annoyed by the situations we face. This might even occur because of the toxic and negative people around you. It's not like these kinds of people are bad or they always want people to be against them. These people might even be facing some crisis inside their heads or they might even be hurt by someone which would have to lead them to do these things. Toxicity arises when people aren't that great at handling their own problems and then they keep hurting others thinking that they are always right.

  • How to understand that you are in a toxic environment

So, firstly how you can understand whether you are in a toxic environment. When people hurt you or make you feel the way you don't like to be that time you should understand that this guy is not great to be with. You can forgive the person once but not always. If this keeps happening and the person is always disrespecting your feelings you need to understand that you have to keep a distance apart from them. If you let this happening with yourself just to be in that relationship with the person then it is your mistake that you haven't got rid of the person. You need to understand where the borderline is. Set the limits and if the person passes it then you have no other option other than distancing from them. If you keep on forgiving them whenever they hurt you then they will think that "He/She is used to it". They might think of you as a punching bag- "whenever I feel annoyed I am going to shout at this person so that I can calm myself down". Analyse the person's behaviour and then take the decision. Don't be too arrogant to judge them at the very first instance. Have a proper talk with them first and see whether they understand your feelings or not.

  • Avoiding the toxic void. When you know that you have entered into a toxic environment where the people around cannot respect you then you should avoid talking to these people. Whenever they comment on you just don't react. Because when you keep reacting to what they say they will make more fun of you. The more you react the more they keep easing and bullying you when you oppose them they will get into a fight with you so firstly don't get into a fight with these people. If they ask you why you are avoiding them then you break your silence on how they have treated you and have hurt your feelings. If they still continue to treat you even after having a talk with them then avoid the conversation with them because if you keep forgiving their mistakes then they would just repeat again and again. When I was in college I faced this situation in my tuition classes. At first, they were really great. But then they started bullying me as I was shorter than them. They use to bully me during the class so that they would grab attention. I felt so bad when they made fun of me. So I decided to distance myself from them. I stopped talking to them and left their group and joined other guys who were friendly and always respected each other. That's it. I just wanted to get rid of the way they treated me as a weak target because I wasn't that muscular. When I was with those toxic people my image in front of my teachers was also spoiled because they use to play some tricks to seek some attention and I was also the one sitting with them. I was also facing peer pressure when I used to be with them. I started asking myself questions about "what I was really achieving from that group?". TI was getting influenced by them and that's why I was also turning arrogant.

So the next time if you feel that the environment you are in is toxic and negative have a talk with the people who are being toxic and if they still continue with their behaviour and decide not to change then avoid having a conversation with these people. Distance away from them. If it's your family member of whom you cannot get rid of, have a talk with them so that you might arrive at an acceptable stand for both sides. Your family members will listen to you because they love you. You just need to have a talk with them calmly and also understand their feelings as well. Toxicity can also be contagious. If you are living in an environment like that then you might also be spreading away toxic vibes. Analyse yourself and then find a fix to this problem.

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