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How content influences our behaviour

There is a lot of influence of the things which surrounds us or the things which we consume in our everyday life. In this blog, I talked about how our whole life is an imitation right from the day we are born we try to copy stuff so that we become the type of person we want to be. But once we improve in our everyday life we become more aware of the things other than just our family and friends and the people around us. We then try to get a lot from the content we consume. Whatever we consume we become like that and that's why we need to know how a particular content creates an influence on our kind and how we act when we consume anything.

  • Creating a bond First and foremost we need to know about the algorithm of your YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, or even the online shopping apps. So these apps and the websites use your data they tell you to login into the app by creating an account of yourself and then watches out things you search for and then recommends products and content on the stuff you viewed previously so that if there is something new or attractive they can bring it to your notice. Sometimes if you even think about any particular product it appears on your Amazon's homepage. Even our site uses tags that might be at the bottom of the page which might recommend to you other contents from our site just like this one which you are reading right now. So these algorithms are set to know the consumer's taste and recommend more on that basis. They try to create a bond between you and the system by highlighting similar things or the things which you like. Just like you do while searching for friends. Search a similar thing between you two and bam we are friends. It's just like that. When we find content or stuff that is relatable to us, we tend to spend more time with the medium, and then our mind captures these things so that you will remember it whenever some word or a thought flashes in your mind. That's why we remember the content more easily which is relatable to our life and that's why you get more stuck on that medium which is your phone or a particular app or even the websites. They keep throwing relatable stuff on you and you keep checking everything.

  • It's moreover the content rather than the people

It's a beautiful thing I have heard is that we shouldn't get too much absorbed by the things we consumed like news because there are three parts of the news most of the time "their story, your story, and the story" there are so many wrong interpretations happening through social media and the wrong and hyped news which the media shows. Nowadays people don't believe what others say to them they believe what the media shows or the fake WhatsApp messages. You find the content negative or if it is somewhat on the pessimistic side you take it more seriously, our mind is negatively biased. When you tell someone everything will be great they will likely shrug you off but if you tell someone you are in danger you will have their undivided attention. That's why negative things attract more and they spread fast by 10% than the positive ones. We rely on the content or the things which we see and not what we hear that's why we even take note of the things which are interpreted wrongly by the media.

  • Mind changing

You might have always seen the motivational videos given by billionaires or even famous people and you might have got a surge of motivation after watching the video and after one or two days you would have been on your previous track. The only thing it shows that how our mindset gets changed as soon as we watch something. My friend read a book that triggered the wrong emotions from him and also it was interpreted wrongly due to which his whole behaviour changed. Now the only thing is I am not blaming him or even the book both are right at their own position. But the only thing this shows is that a particular medium can change your mindset from north to south. That's why you need to choose the content properly and also you should see whether it fits your taste. Sometimes I doubt myself that I am changing someone's perspective about life by these blogs. Feels like I have some power through which I can change someone's mind. But I am never going to misuse it, really 😅. But ya it's right that a piece of content that can change your mind might be for a while but yes it affects you.

Always remember you have your own thoughts and don't suppress them so don't believe any content blindly analyse it first and then give it a chance. That's what Chris Bailey talks about in his book Hyperfocus

"Attention is finite and is the most valuable ingredient you have to live a good life."

So just consume the right and worthy thing. When we invest our limited attention intelligently and deliberately we focus more deeply and think more clearly."

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