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How did you land up here?

I wonder how we are born in a family where you have internet access and reading this blog right now from your device. It is so privileged to have such a life. Not everyone has the privilege to be so well-versed. There’s a Quora post I saw “When you are crying about what you have, there are people who still dream to have your life. Why is the world so bifurcated and segmented into groups, ethnicities, countries, and all the possible groups existing? Why can’t all be one at the same level making an equal start no differentiation, and no biases, it's like a Utopia😇.

I’m not going to make you feel guilty that you aren’t using your resources well which are being provided to you free of cost. This is just a realization post that you are not aware of what you already have. There’s a thing I learned in my strategic management classes, more the resources less the demand. Less the resources more the demand. Let’s take an example of money. If everyone has unlimited money the value of that currency will go down, inflation will be on a hike and people will struggle with normal daily essentials.

We need to understand the things which are in our control and which are outside our control🧐. We need to benefit from the opportunity we have and let go of the things which aren't in our control. When we have an opportunity to change something give your every bit of energy, your 100%. Focusing exclusively on what is in our power magnifies and enhances our power. But every ounce of energy directed at things we can't actually influence is wasted.

How did God plan this out, what were the creation criteria, how were we placed in this house, in this family, in this community and country? Sometimes I feel it was totally based upon the past life and the actions we performed. So, if we don’t perform well God punishes us in the next life with something worse, like “KARMA”. Whatever might be the criteria there’s something or the other plan which needs to be executed so that we perform well, finding the plan is what needs to be done.

There’s one more explanation for why people are divided into communities🤔. Consider if there’s only one social class, everyone has the same status quo, everyone is equal financially💲 as well. If this happens who’s going to do the work of the lower social group, who’s going to compete for social status, and who is going to perform the menial tasks which only the lower social group performs? Pardon me for discriminating between social status but that’s how the world works. Many communities have been doing the same job throughout their lineage, like being an electrician or an ironsmith or something like that. Imagine having no one to fix your house’s pipes. That’s a reason there are social classes. A balance is necessary for the proper working of the society⚖️.

Your upbringing determines how you behave and what ideologies you carry on with life😶‍🌫️. Many times I and my roomies have a fight about a particular food preparation because each household has its own unique recipes which are carried on from ages from one generation to another. Just like that people carry on the character they build what they pick from their peers. That’s the reason everyone can’t have the same mentality. In the book 'Psychology of Money', Morgan Housel talks about how the monetary decisions we make about our money seem always right, that’s because we make up our own story that seems true to us but doesn’t resemble anyone else. For someone else, it might sound absurd but for you, it is your “get rich faster plan🤑”.

Just being grateful for this beautiful sunset☺️

I think we need to see our life as a puzzle piece, you need to find the correct piece to whom we can connect to find the meaning of your life. Keep figuring out, no one’s sorted, we are just trying to fit in the community. Rather than rendering over things that you don’t have, be grateful for the things that you possess😌.

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Cheers ✌️


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