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How introverts make friends

This blog is all about how introverts try to make friends, the following are going to be my limited experiences in making friends as an introvert. So without wasting any time, I will start the blog.

Scientifically there are three types of people in the world; these are introverts, extroverts, and ambiverts(mix of the previous two) and there are also the intro-extrovert and extro-introvert. Now that I have briefed you about types of people. Let me talk about introverts to be specific, (obviously, this is what the blog is about) Introverts are those people who don't socialize that much and generally have a small social circle.

On a side note: In the above sentence, social circle refers to friend circle or semi-circle and may vary from introvert to introvert.

Introverts are mostly reserved, quiet, and not very social until you get to know them, they don't like to stand out or grab anyone's attention. As for me, I am also an introvert but sometimes I try my best to make friends. There are times when it works and times when it doesn't. I personally have a lack of confidence in anything I undertake, that's why I hesitate to do something new like making friends or participating in any contest. When I was in school, I had those so-called friends but they were more like acquaintances, everybody has had those "friends", that was until I got to 8th grade where I made two friends whom I am in contact with till now. I even started this blog post with them, and the fun fact is we are all introverts, also I have made a few friends in 11th grade, which I didn't think I would have done after going to a new college.

Now let me cut to the chase, so you, the reader won't get bored. Here are some tips of sorts from introverts:

  1. Make friends with similar interests: Now the first one is a bit of a no-brainer but still try to talk about things which are common between you and the opposite party (can be a person or a group). Like I become friends with a person because we have a common area of interest which was anime.

  2. If a person isn't interested in conversing, don't bother them anymore: If you are trying to strike up a conversation with a person you just met and they are not responsive enough then naturally just try to end the conversation as soon as possible and never bother them again.

  3. Be honest: Being honest has its perks so if you want to say something then just say it as it is, you will thank yourself later.

  4. Talk face to face as much as possible: It can help an introvert in becoming confident and comfortable while talking to other people.

If you are reading this that means you have read the whole blog or maybe just scrolled to the end. Anyways if you are regularly reading our blogs, you can give us some suggestions regarding our site, visit our contact us page. We would to happy to respond and improve ourselves. If you liked this post then please subscribe to our mailing list below.

Signing off until next time.


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