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How often are we living in a FOMO?

Updated: Dec 26, 2021

We are on a verge of entering web 3.0 where you will own your data and not the big tech companies or any Government. But do you have noticed that we are always covered with these tech devices and social media that we aren’t focusing on what is going on outside the virtual world? We just want to be on top of all the top trends, exploring new fad’s but do we ask ourselves whether I really wanted to do this thing which I am doing right now or I am just doing it under someone else’s influence. It can be even under peer pressure which withholds you to do the action which you don’t want to perform just because you think you are going to miss out on something. Well, then you are living in a FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). It’s a common thing nowadays.

  • Some glimpse on FOMO.

The term FOMO was coined by Patrick J. McGinnis, a venture capitalist and author, who used it for the very first time in an op-ed while studying at Harvard Business School. FOMO was added to the Oxford dictionary in 2013 and defined as the “anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on social media.” Then the thing is we are constantly involved in social media and when the usage of these sticky apps increases you start finding those gaps between what you see and what you want. Social media includes maximum good stuff which gives you the dopamine hit. The fear is exacerbated by the fact that people tend to share a more polished version of their lives on social media, often cantered on social activities and fun experiences.

There might be a reel of some random guy becoming a millionaire by investing in a meme coin. This kind of stuff makes you feel that you are missing out on a ton of opportunities. So then you invest your money in that meme coin to gain profits. Then an NFT arises and the person shows you how he earned 100k$ just by selling silly digital art. So you put your money in NFT’s as well. This thing happened to me a lot. I was immersed in the idea of web3 and also I loved cryptography. I understood the working of blockchain and I even started investing in cryptos. But at some point, I realized that whatever money I was investing in a particular asset including stocks was just under a FOMO. Whenever particular crypto started trending on Twitter its price would go up and so I started putting some of my money in these meme coins and stuff without understanding their market capital and whitepaper.

I used to be in a constant dilemma that whether I should invest in this asset or that one. The constant urge of becoming financially independent kept me misleading the path as an investor. I kept on thinking that this stock or crypto would make me rich because that guy also earned a lot of profit from this asset. I never used to be satisfied with whatever money I earned from the trades I made. Even if I received a 75% profit I still wanted more. The hokum here was the way of my thinking. I used to be in a dilemma that if I sold this coin then it might hit its ATH (all-time high) and then I would miss out on profits.

I wasn’t enjoying the process either. Then, I just stopped taking my financial as well as my life decisions from social media because all my decisions included almost 60-70% of the influence of social media. The takeaway from my whole experience is that we shouldn’t be dependent on something hollow without knowing the entire story. The problem we face the FOMO is because we align all our stars according to what others feel. Constant comparing leads you down this rabbit hole. I can understand that we should walk with the newest trends but that doesn’t mean we should do things just because everyone else is doing it. It can also be a career which you are just following because there is a higher probability of a job. It can be possible that you might not like what you are doing but you are doing it just because someone told you there’s a lot of scope in this field.

  • What do you want? Web3 and NFT’s isn’t a fad it’s going to be the future and I agree with Garyvee that it’s going to be the next “Facebook”. NFT’s are a great way to monetize your content or art. But just under an influence of some internet wave, you shouldn’t put all your eggs in a basket. [I am not saying that you shouldn’t invest in cryptos and stuff. I own cryptos]. Ask yourself that whatever I am doing right now, was it my desire to want it to be done, or is it some random influencer taking over your mind. Here’s a tweet about Elon Musk talking about how webs3 is a marketing buzzword.

So next time you make a decision think about whether it's a buzzword or an actual thing 😅.

  • How to feel the JOMO Joy Of Missing Out or JOMO means relishing to stay in, enjoying your own company, and getting to work on your projects. I always wanted to learn Python. Not because I felt the FOMO although I did but also because I love coding and I like to learn new things on my own. But instead of focusing on the basics like the functions and syntax, I went on to create games using python so that I can show my friends how creative I am. But the thing is if I did not remember the basic functions there’s no use of whatever projects I undertake. Instead of focusing on what others like focus on what you like. Feel the joy in your decisions. We have always competed. The whole world works on that perspective but how much have you evolved from that competition. Compete with yourself, not with others. You will always feel the FOMO if you are buzzing out with others and constantly trying to overtake them. Simple tricks to escape the FOMO

    • Social media usage should be reduced. Most of the things start from there itself. It’s fine if you don’t keep up with the latest Instagram trend.

    • Take actual breaks. Go on a walk, read a book.

    • Make people your priority. Socialize with the people offline.

    • Do things that you feel like doing and not the ones which your friends and the whole world are doing.

No one is going to remember the trends and fads forever. The way you spend your moments is always going to be in your memory. Do something mindful and create value for others. The world is much more selfish be the one who creates value in someone’s life. If you liked the post then please subscribe to our mailing list at the bottom of this page and find my socials below. If you enjoyed this post then please like and share it. Cheers ✌️


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