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How positivity affects your morning routine

Morning routines, which everybody has, some people plan it some don't. Getting up from the bed and saying "I can do whatever I want" is freedom. Some don't get it so we need to keep up with our routines. Morning routines are really important because they define your whole day and the way it goes. So how should be your morning routines? I have even seen people following the billionaire's routines but what I think is everyone should figure out their own morning routine because what suites to someone else might not apply to you. Instead of copying a simple morning routine try to make your own the way it suits you. Here's my morning routine which might give you an idea to shape yours.

  • Starting off with a positive mindset.

When you wake up with the wrong attitude your day goes like it. The emotion with which you go to sleep is the same emotion with which you wake up. So when you want to make the next day great you have to plan the night before that tomorrow's day is going to be awesome and it will bring you a new ray of hope. So when you go to sleep with that attitude you are going to make your life more beautiful the next day. It's Steve Harvey who said that when you wake up and say some negative words like "ah damn I will have to go the boring job now and work their" you will never be satisfied with what you have and always leave your home for the job with negative emotion. But when you wake up and say "what a beautiful morning now let's go to the office at least I am employed and that's why I can bring food on the table I am really thankful to God for it". This small sentence has the power to change your attitude. Just being grateful for the stuff you have makes you enlightened and happier. Our brain has two sides negative and positive each side has a leader under whom there are small soldiers who work and you are the boss. When you wake up with a negative mindset with all sorts of unethical mindsets your negative leader will hear it and order the soldiers that "we have a lot of work to do didn't you hear what boss just said- It's going to be a bad day". But when you wake up with a positive mindset your positive leader will hear your words and order the soldiers that "you heard what boss just now said it's going to be a great day today we have a lot of work to do". This is how our mindset actually works. Being grateful for what you have will make you more inspired. So mind your attitude.

  • The schedule

After waking up with the right mindset you should go on with your daily tasks. I wake up at 5.15 every morning and then I make a move because if you don't move your body you will feel lazy and you end up sleeping on the sofa. Then I drink a glass of water and then I start with my meditation and then exercise. So that's how I go with the routine. After the morning ritual, I start off with my daily scheduled tasks.

You can make your morning ritual however you want but it must include a positive mindset and gratitude and also keep moving when you wake up.

That's it for this one keeping it short and simple see you in the next one.

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Cheers ✌️.

Check out these videos for the perfect morning routine.


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