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How power shaped Humans!

Humans have been always fighting for power since they `explored lighting fire. Years after years man kept overpowering someone or the other to keep Darwin's theory alive "The survival of the fittest". Following this man started ruling and overpowering a group of people to show the power they possess.

People like following orders of someone who is going to lead them to a better life. At first, it's just about bringing solace and rightfulness to society. But once they get everything in control your leader starts becoming a tyrant and that's when the people understand, how things have got out of hand. That's the time the shift of power should be made. If you see the current situation of any country theirs a person who is guiding the vision of the people of the nation to what they think is going to create a beautiful liveable perfect nation. But where does the power come in this whole circle? Well, power is just like a potter trying to shape a perfect piece so that it looks nice and gives him the best price. Likewise, there’s a need for someone to make people understand that whatever they are doing for the nation is actually going to be for the benefit of the country and for themselves.

Every nation is protecting itself from external threats and for that they need to flex there muscles so that everyone around should know we can’t be overruled or overpowered. Neither you can hurt me. For that flex, you need to be progressive about everything but mostly about the weapons.

The creation of the Atomic bomb is one of such progress mankind made in the history of human civilization. As history says the first atomic bomb was used by the Americans to end the world war by dropping it on two Japanese cities. But the creation of this unfathomable huge weapon had a discrete story. After the World War the Americans needed a test site for this unthinkable bomb that they created, the first test they did was in mainland America and the results of this test were far from imaginable.

Atomic bomb testing at the lagoon near bikini island.

The power these bombs possessed was extreme the shockwaves could be sensed 160 miles away {20 kilotons of TNT approximate power}. The radiation was another thing that needed to be taken care of. So they came up with this small island far from America called the Bikini Atoll ya you heard it right the island’s name was Bikini. But there were people living on this island so the USA sends a guy named Ben Wyatt who convinces the local people to leave this island temporarily for turning it into a nuclear test site under the saying that it was meant to happen as it is God’s wish. He also states that they are "the children of Israel" who are going to do this noble act for the benefit of mankind. This island was also been visited by the Christian missionaries so they agreed upon this deal with one condition that is returning to this island once they are done with the tests.

The first ever women to showcase the two piece swimsuit

The people are then sent to the nearby islands with no food or shelter. Then in 1946 America starts testing its nuclear bombs which were more powerful than the ones dropped in Japan. They then let this news out by broadcasting these tests all over the world. Soon after that Soviets got to know about this project which was actually meant to flex the superpower nations' new toys. Just after that, a French designer released a two-piece swimsuit which then became to be known as a bikini which was as they say “bombastic”.

Well, that’s how humans have been showcasing each other how powerful they are for millions of years. Humans are going on and on to retain the power they possess not giving up a single chance to turn the tables around and seize power because ya power seems cool!!

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