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How to build trust?

Ever imagined how the transactions between you and your employer's bank account take place? Money from the employer's bank account goes to your bank account. The thing to notice here is not the transaction that takes place but the level of trust you have in the middle man between the money which is the bank. Now that's the different thing that blockchain is kind of making the whole system more of a one on one thing like peer-to-peer transactions. But you are made to trust the bank. You have to trust the bank so that the transactions go smoothly and you can use your debit/credit card easily. But, the way your trust the bank can you trust a person? Like not knowing how the bank works and what secrets it keeps from the customers. Just like that can you believe a person? So how you can build trust between people the way you trust your bank 😅.

  • Transparency is the building block.

Whenever you pay to someone or if money is credited to your account you get an instant message on your phone saying that "XXXX amount has been credited to your ABC account and your current balance is XYZ." The amount of transparency they show makes you trust the message sent by the bank. Now the important takeaway from this event is you need to be transparent to the one you want to build trust with. I can be anyone like your parents, friends, your partner, child. No matter what, being truthful to the people you love makes all the difference. Now if you ask how you can be transparent and how you can tell all the things to your loved one why can't you keep things secretive. Then here's why you shouldn't keep secrets or lie. If you present one lie you will have to build a whole fake story so to support that one lie. I really can't sleep at night if I lie to someone. Keeping secrets can make you feel more of a double-faced person. So be transparent and stop being a fake person. Because once you are caught with your fake mask you won't be able to achieve someone's trust again.

  • Start with the right foot

We meet many people throughout our life. But we need to get along with them on the right foot. If we start a particular relationship based on lies, deceit, and distortion then we will face a lot of hassle to put up with the person in the future. Also, you might not even trust the person that much and vice-versa.

If the seed of trust is not planted effectively in the beginning, we grow a weed of mistrust and betrayal. - Jay Shetty

Trusting someone doesn't mean that the person is always right but it means that you are always truthful and meet the person's expectations. But here's the caveat expecting too much from someone is also wrong. Supporting a person without expecting anything in return is a noble act. When you expect a particular type of character or behaviour from a person you are building pyramids in the air and once the expectations aren't met the pyramid crumbles down and brings you disgrace. You cannot control someone else's character people choose their own. People pick what they want, these things are beyond our control. So expecting too much from someone is plausible.

  • Stay connected. Trust is like the string tied between two people that keeps them attached. The string becomes stronger and stronger when you share the highs and lows together. Small events in your life matter a lot. Sharing your small moments with your parents or your loved ones makes them feel much closer and transparent to you. When you share these small events it assures them that you are much more truthful to them. Once you establish this trust don't lie to them and stop hiding things from them no matter whatever happens. Even if you are at the worst phase of your life be truthful to that person who trust's you the most. Once you betray the person it becomes almost impossible to regain the trust. That's why stay connected via the string and do not weaken it with lies and deceits.

Trust is the factor that completes every relationship. In the end always remember this thing "Trust takes years to build, seconds to break, and forever to repair." It takes a lot of consistency to build trust don't ruin it with your pseudo character.

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