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How to stop being Judgmental?

How many times you have passed a comment without knowing anything about the person? or if you have judged the person too quickly? We have been living in a society where everyone is tagged or judged from their appearances or the work they do. But how we can get rid of being judgmental it's not like being just neutral about the things happening around us but just not judging someone regarding the situation they are into. For the last couple of months, I am trying to be less judgmental about anything. I coped up with my weird thing to always create a tag for someone whenever I notice something weird about them. So here I am now telling you how you can be less judgmental.

  • There are no boundaries.

The first step towards becoming more optimistic and non-judgmental is by being open-minded. People are in all shapes, sizes, and colours so the thing is you need to accept this fact. You need to respect people's thinking and feeling. If you need to be less judgmental you have to take in this fact and let that sink in deep inside you so that the next time you tag someone regarding their physical appearances you would think that if someone said that to you what will be your response? Eventually, put yourself in their position and just feel the words that someone throws at you. You need to be optimistic about other's feelings and respect them accordingly. If you want to feel that self-growth you need to widen your perspective and widen your views. Don't create any boundaries for your mindset.

  • Analyse. When you are facing some kind of conflict with people you are always familiar with we tend to judge them regarding that one incident. But at that moment we ignore the good feelings and things that person has given us. This happens because our mind is negatively biased. Whenever we see something pessimistic we magnify it and ignore the rest good things. But when something pessimistic happens from the person you expect the best your confidence to trust that person goes down also the wrong emotions get associated with that person. But instead, we should strip off the incident or the problem from the person itself. We always say "it's your problem" but instead we should say "it's the problem". You never know why the person would have acted like that with you for just that one time. Might be the person would have been having a bad day that's why he/she would have reacted in that way. You need to first analyse the situation and the person properly then itself you should draw any conclusions. If you are going to conclude from that just one bad or good thing which the person made you feel about will be not right, you need to take a look at all of them and then bridge the outcomes to conclude.

  • Never see the picture from other's lenses. 10th grade was my last year at the school. When we were appointed our sections everyone was excited to know who was the class teacher. In 10th grade we had 4 sections [A, B, C, D] I was in the D section. Our class was appointed with the only male class teacher from all other divisions. This guy was the most strict and the most disciplined teacher of all time. All the students had warned us and also made fun of our section because they used to think that this teacher was among the most strict ones from our whole school. Well, when I have appointed that section I was disappointed to have him as a teacher. I thought that he is not going to let us have fun in our last year at the school. He was a huge follower of 'Swami Vivekananda's thoughts. So everyone would literally tag him that this man is too much philosophical and boring. But when our year started our class-teacher did not only taught the subjects which we had but also gave us so much wisdom. He even encouraged us to participate in various sports and competitions. But the real deal happens when it was the "teachers day" where the senior students were appointed to teach their juniors. But I wasn't appointed any class because of my roll number which was at the extreme end. Thanks to my last name which started from "V". So I and some of my friends were sitting in our class with nothing to do. Our class teacher came up and started chatting with us. From that group was one of my friend who had fractured his hand and was operated on near his wrist in the 9th grade but the healing process took a quite long time and my friend had a bandage tied to his hand. He was almost at the end of the healing process. My teacher enquired about his wound and I spoke in between that "Sir in 9th grade our whole class was cursed because most of the students from our division had fractured their hand like almost 5 to 6 students from our class". My teacher replied that "Then it's a good thing that all of them were injured in 9th grade and not in 10th grade during the board exams. If they would have fractured their hand at this time they would have faced several difficulties during the main boards". He said me that you should always look at the positive side. I was stunned when he said that to me. It always stayed with me till now. Actually, the whole year went so great. I participated in 3 competitions. Our class even had the most students having 100% attendance which was a total of 6 students including me. Our class performed the best during the board exams with no one failing and also most of the students scored average and above-average marks. In the end, none of the things which I heard about him were true. He wasn't boring nor he was strict. If he would have been boring and strict nobody would have attended all his classes. But yes he was disciplined which eventually made us also thrive hard and achieve our goals. That year was the best year of my whole school life. I was really grateful to have him as my teacher because of his wisdom and teachings I was able to shape myself. So don't listen to others and judge the person quickly. Take your time and just view the whole scene from your lens. If you use other's lenses you won't be able to make your independent point you will believe what the others see.

Never draw conclusions from someone else's observations. Make your own observations and then conclude.

"Know more so that you judge no more"- Gaur Gopal Das

Don't judge too quickly press pause and analyse.

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