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Live in moments…

We’re just living our life but sometimes I question what do I really feel that I’m living? Let’s go with this question… do you actually have a routine? Like a daily thing that you do… constantly stuck in a daily cycle of life. Waking up, traveling to your job, working 9 to 5, returning back home and the day ends and the next day the same story. Life has been a cycle where you just go through days and then at the end of the day you just don’t remember things that happened throughout the day. This has been happening to me after getting into college and it makes me feel unsaturated with emotions. It’s like I’m living an emotionless life 😑.

Happy face😅

But, how does life become interesting? how do you remember the things which you go through? Noting down how you enjoyed that moment can be a thing you can do to remember the best times. But what makes me much more aware of the moments is by being grateful for the people who gave me that moment to enjoy that right time 😊. People always fill your life with emotions and being thankful to them because they gave you some happy moments makes their day as well.

Does money makes you happy 💸? I’m definitely not the person who would say money can’t buy you happiness instead I truly believe money is a by-product that gets you the things you want making you feel happy. But here’s a thing which you need to know according to research if you buy experiences with money you will eventually be happy instead of buying some material stuff. Eg. Going on a family trip buys you the experience of being together with your loved ones that’s how you buy an experience. And as the law of accounting says every material asset or object has a depreciation.

Material things eventually depreciate their value decreases but the moments you experience even if they are bad you still remember them. Joyful experiences bring smiles to your face and bad ones make you realize what you went through and where you came from. Also, it is advised to buy less expensive material things rather than buying huge massive expensive stuff at once.

Its the people who makes your life full of experiences😇

Moments build an experience and collecting all those experiences builds a memory. And as Matthew Dick author of ‘Storyworthy’ says “We don’t remember the time we remember the moment…” So look forward to what different moment you experience from your mundane day capture it maybe with a photo so that one day when you are going through a rough day you can have a glance at these moments and say “Woh din bhi kya din the” (Those were the days”)

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Cheers ✌️


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