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Living away from home.🏠

In January 2022 I left my hometown and settled in India’s smallest state Goa for college purposes. Goa is also known as the paradise of India with its beautiful coast and stunning architecture. It kinda feels like you are living in some old European city because of the Portuguese influence. Lovely people and rich diversity in food and culture is the main attraction. The party culture is quite popular because of the casino hotels, and finest bars, and people from all over the world visit this place to blend in the tropical region.

Sunset from our apartment

Well, these were the things that didn’t bother me that much. I am still living here with my roommates, figuring out life every day. Managing finances and getting through my college life. This post is just a self-reflection from the journey till now living away from my family. Things can be more relatable if you also live away from your friends and family. But, still, this might be worth reading 😅.

😩You are on your own: Living alone is all about being on your own. The thing is your family can’t be the first one to react if any mishap happens. That kinda hits different right. Because since we were a childhood our mom and dad would be the first ones to have our back whenever something goes wrong. But once you are away the first one to react can only be your roommate. Well, I was concerned about this “you are on your own” thing but over time you get over it because you get used to the situation.

Your roommates become your family☺️

😶‍🌫️Change is difficult: Change in environment, climate, food, language, and even drinking water will affect you in every possible way. Change is difficult. You will take an efficient amount of time to settle into the conditions. Your daily habits may fall off, your favorite things might not be available. Things go haywire. It takes time for you to be habitual to the change but sometimes changes are also essential, I guarantee that you will grow through this.

💰Managing your finances is now a big deal: In my entire life, I never thought about spending money and how we have to save money and stuff because I never paid for anything on my own. When you are away the most important thing you need to figure out is “do I need to spend money on this thing?”. As a student, you will be low on funds. Need to make important decisions between the essentials and wants. Also, tracking your finance is another job you have to figure out. It’s better if you know how much money you are spending on unnecessary things so that if you are spending too much then you can cut these costs.

🥸Emotional stability: There are going to be times when you need someone to console you during your downs. I felt the absence of this when moved out. Struggling with your emotional and mental stability is normal it happens. You can do things like call your loved ones. This will not make you feel joyous but it kinda makes you feel that you aren’t alone in this crap. Another thing you can do is to maintain a journal. Once you get your emotions out of your mind it feels much better, the thing is just express what you are going through to someone or just write it down 😊

You’re going to miss out on your favorite food “maa ke haath ka khana” or maybe your usual bed where you sleep peacefully, even your annoying neighbor. But, this is also growth. When you learn to deal with all the things on your own you have already leveled up, getting ready for the adulting stage.

After all, that’s the moral of adulting where your parents make you understand “Kid you are on your own”

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Cheers ✌️.


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