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Making decisions.

Many times we feel that we aren't at our best. We lack mental clarity and forget what should we do next. Sometimes there are a lot of tasks but you don't know from where to start or even if there is a huge turn in your life and you don't know what step should you take. We feel that the next step is decisive and it has the ability to change your future that's why we are so much cautious and dependent on that one decision. In this blog, we are going to look at the key factors about how you can be better at decision making.

  • Question yourself When you have to choose between two options or you don't know what you should go with, then the best possible way to choose one is by asking the right questions. When you keep asking yourself proper questions then you can get some possible answers and even you might find the right one. There is a daily struggle between me and my daily tasks. I always feel that the task that I am doing is not worth my time. So whenever this happens I question myself that "whether the task which I am doing is casting any vote in the type of person I want to be? If the answer is no then I immediately stop doing the task. This idea came from James Clear's book "Atomic Habits". Here's a blog that you can refer, to ask yourself better questions.

  • Take the decision as fast as you can

When you have to choose between two paths you can't spend most of the time just choosing between the paths. That's the worst thing you would do. People think choosing the right option is the most important thing but taking a stand and making the choice is the most important thing. We don't have to keep banging our heads for the perfect decisions. Remember that no decision is right until you make one. You just need to choose something from the two. If you don't choose the one you will spend your life just thinking about the decisions you made in your past which lead you to these wrong paths. Our teacher used to say this every time to us "If something happens according to your wish then it's good and if something doesn't happen according to your wish then it's the best because God would have decided it". The only action you have to do is just make the decision. Being right or wrong is another part. The more time you waste thinking about the best one the more sense of ambiguity you create.

  • It's not where you start... You might have heard from people that study hard to get the best college or you can only opt for that one job for which you have taken education or even you might have heard people saying not to change jobs and just stick to one particular job so that you don't face any risks. Well, I don't think everything goes right when you start or if you choose something then you should just stick to one particular thing. You have your own choice. If you stressing yourself too much then you can change your track but the only thing is you should have the ability to stabilize yourself once you change paths. I don't think that people find the perfect paths to make their life picture perfect. Don't settle keep exploring new things there might be so many opportunities around you that you might haven't explored. Like I never took a Computer Science class but still, I wanted to learn about coding and stuff so I started with basic HTML and CSS. I just wanted to explore that field so that I might figure out something new. In a survey, it was found that people who have multiple streams of income live happily and even they have more life expectancy. Always remember it's not where you start it's where you end up. You might start small but once these small wins get compounded you will be awarded with higher returns. So don't be too much dependent on one particular action. Always make a decision and move on. Don't keep thinking about whether the decision was right or wrong everything happens for good itself you just need to keep your lenses clear to observe it.

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