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Being productive #11

Motivation is a mere myth

Why motivation doesn't always stay with us or why we always need some sort of motivation to get things done? Motivation is just like an initial jerk given to your body to put yourself in motion. But when that external force is removed you get back to square one.

  • Why motivation is a myth Actually, motivation is kind of a myth that has been followed blindly just to get things done. In Ali Abdaal's Skillshare class he explained that motivation is the medium that takes us from our thought to the action. Motivation is the bridge between thought and action. It is an unproductive man's state which is going through the process. Motivation is a feeling which helps us to achieve our goals. But if we rely on our feelings for our progress then there's a chance we would stumble and fall on our face.

  • Don't wait for the motivational kick Motivation acts like caffeine in a coffee it will make you work for a certain period and you will be back to your initial position when its effect is over. So don't fall for it and also don't wait for that ignition or the kick to get things started. Motivation is like a dopamine hit that will last for some particular time like an instant gratification thing. But every single time you will have to get that hit to get things done that will be like you are dependent on it for your progress. Instead of the motivation process yourself without any negotiation so when you will complete your target you will instantly get that dopamine hit and it will make you work along for some more time and reach another point. This will carry on in a loop and you will become more productive without any motivation.

  • Self-realization is the best motivation Now consider yourself as a person who needs to look at other's achievements and then reacting to your working process. Well, that can be some kind of motivation if you get back to square one after some time and if you continue the good work every day making some tiny progress every time that would be discipline or ''SELF REALIZATION''. Self-realization will only occur at that time when you genuinely want to achieve the goal and you are working for it every single day. You will not care about the surrounding conditions plus not even about the amount of pain you will be taking you will only care about the progress to achieve your goals. You will only last long on your success path only if you will have that self-realization stuff because you would know that whatever you did before was wrong and whatever you are doing now is going to change your life. So believe in that self-realization and organize yourself accordingly so that you would stick to the process of achieving the goals.

  • How to not fall for motivation and seek discipline The reason why we always fall for motivation is we always want to kick the procrastinator monkey in our head and take over the steering wheel as an adult and guide ourselves towards the zenith point. We need motivation for the things which are short term painful and long-term helpful because everybody likes planning and everybody likes to imagine themselves being successful but everyone hates the journey of ''hard work''. Nobody wants to wait for the thing they want to achieve they want to achieve it as soon as possible without any pains. Even though you know that following the plan or your routine will make you more productive or make you get things done faster you will instead grab some chips and stick to the television always telling yourself we will do it tomorrow or something like that. But that tomorrow will never come because you don't have that term of self-realization or that work ethic. Stop being the scapegoat of motivation because it's a feeling and never depend on your feelings for your work or any kind of progress. You would not fall for motivation when you are enjoying the process of building your skills. You just need to turn it into a game that will make you feel likely to do things at higher proficiency and you would not face any kind of burnout or some kind of motivational optimization to get things done. Also don't give yourself a particular tag eg. I am not a person who actively chooses to work out. If you tag yourself negatively you will always hang on it and will never make any biceps 💪. Just focus on your process and look at the progress statistics. If you are living better than yesterday you are living the best day today. Make the activity more fun for yourself by treating it as a game and playing it with yourself. You can also give yourself an artificial deadline just like I have given myself for this blog 😅. So make yourself more lucrative through the artificial deadline and tell a group of people or the ones you work with that you will finish this task by this day and you will have to complete it because you have already announced that work. Always have it in your mind that you can lose trust in what people show in you if you don't complete the task. These kinds of tricks resemble with almost everyone who wants to develop without that MOTIVATION factor.

  • TIP- Always keep on playing some kind of game with your mind like make 1% more progress than yesterday. It will help you out if you want to be skilful and also you will get rid of the myth factor.


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